ⓘ Taifun (rocket)


ⓘ Taifun (rocket)

Taifun was a German World War II anti-aircraft unguided rocket system. Waves of Taifuns were to be launched en masse into US B-17 Flying Fortress formations hoping for a direct hit. Although never deployed operationally, the system was copied in the US as the Loki, and the USSR as R-103.

The project "Typhoon" was built by 25 September 1942, when Hermann Goering authorized the beginning of a number of anti-aircraft projects after a long hiatus when all such advanced development had been frozen by Hitler. Along with Typhoon, a hotel, Rheintochter, Schmetterling, and Wasserfall also receive full funding. The design was originally started Klaus Scheufelen, officer at peenemünde, who wanted to introduce a very simple system, in the case of more complex projects, not "work".

Offer "Typhoon" was developed by a small team in Peenemunde, together with Electromechanische Werke in Karlshagen. Their design was 1.93 M 6ft 4 in length and 10 cm 3.9 inch in diameter, with four small stabilizing fins at the base. The missile is a liquid fuel engine with a thin of 250, and pyrophoric mixtures containing 57% crude xylidine and triethylamine 43 is fed into the combustion chamber under pressure. Pressure was exerted on the small charges of gunpowder fired into the fuel tanks, in the process of breaking a pair of thin diaphragms to allow the fuel and oxidizer enter the combustion chamber, and launched a rocket. The burn was 2.5 seconds, when the rocket has reached a speed of 2.237 km / h 3.600 km / h, 1.944 KN. Nominal range was about 15 km 9.3 Mi, 8.1 NMI, with a maximum height of 12 km 39.000 feet. The rockets were fired in salvos of up to 30 from a launcher mounted on an adapted mounting the 88 mm. gun

Initial plans called for 2 million was released in January 1945, but the engine experienced long delays none was ever implemented. Only such system to see operational use was the British, who are in a state of shell and 2 inches of RP during the war.

  • Taifun may refer to: Taifun 9M15, a Soviet prototype anti - tank missile Taifun German WWII Thermobaric weapon system Taifun rocket German anti - aircraft
  • officially designated 76mm HEAA Rocket T220, was an American unguided anti - aircraft rocket based on the German Taifun Like the Taifun Loki never saw service
  • Taifun 9M15 typhoon was a Soviet missile developed to arm the Obiekt 287 missile tank based on the T - 64 tank chassis. The tank was armed with two 73
  • against Moscow in 1941 see Battle of Moscow Taifun rocket German World War II unguided anti - aircraft rocket system RMAS Typhoon A95 an ocean - going
  • the Volkov Taifun Typhoon radar, which was based on the MiG - 25 s powerful RP - 25 Smerch - A Tornado radar NATO Foxfire The Taifun proved troublesome
  • artillery. KZO replaced the German Army s other main UAV, Drohne CL 289. The Taifun attack drone was a concept of an armed variant fitted with an intelligent
  • Wasserfall 35 Peenemunde trial firings Schmetterling, Rheintochter, Taifun and Enzian missiles. The HVP also performed preliminary design work on
  • Krahe Ranger M ultralight Rochelt Musculair 2 Udet U 12 Flamingo Valentin Taifun 17E Vollmoeller Waco YKS - 6 Yakovlev Yak - 50 Canadair CL - 13 B Sabre Mk.6 EADS
  • versus RHA at 60 degrees Taifun a prototype Russian missile tank system developed during the same period. Article about rocket tanks in Russian Article