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  • Such consonants are called implosives. Implosive and implosive - like consonants occur in 13 of the world s languages. Despite the name, the airstream may
  • Ejective consonant Implosive consonant Click consonant Airstream mechanism Ian Maddieson 2008 Glottalic Consonants In: Martin Haspelmath Matthew
  • generally applied to the implosive consonants which actually use a mixed glottalic ingressive pulmonic egressive airstream True glottalic ingressives are
  • glottalic airstream mechanism respectively. An egressive glottalic airstream produces ejective consonants while an ingressive glottalic airstream produces
  • Implosive consonants are a group of stop consonants and possibly also some affricates with a mixed glottalic ingressive and pulmonic egressive airstream mechanism
  • Doubly articulated consonants are consonants with two simultaneous primary places of articulation of the same manner both plosive, or both nasal, etc
  • phonemic velar consonants Several Khoisan languages have limited numbers or distributions of pulmonic velar consonants Their click consonants are articulated
  • having a velar lingual airstream mechanism rather than a double articulation, nearly all other doubly articulated consonants in the world are labial velars
  • geminate or long consonant the occlusion lasts longer than in simple consonants In languages where stops are only distinguished by length e.g., Arabic
  • articulation, whereas with a trill the contact is due to the vibration caused by the airstream rather than any active movement. Many linguists use the terms tap and