ⓘ Champions Gamemaster's Screen


ⓘ Champions Gamemasters Screen

Champions Gamemasters Screen is two stand-up screens providing the charts and tables useful in Champions play.

Screen gamemasters for Champions GMS screen with charts and tables 1-ed. rules. The gamemasters screen the GMS screen display 3rd-ed. Combat chart for quick reference, this includes the scenario of the "adventure #1", the Island of Dr. Destroyer, previously sold separately.

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  • tabletop play. First Edition Gamemaster s Screen and Counters 1996 stock number DP9 - 020, trifold screen for Gamemaster and full - color counters for use
  • swords. His place behind the GM screen was temporarily taken by Brian VanHoose q.v. B.A. s return to the gamemaster s seat was heralded by his acquisition
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