ⓘ Cumbum, Tamil Nadu


ⓘ Cumbum, Tamil Nadu

Cumbum is located at 9.73°N 77.3°E  / 9.73, 77.3. It has an average elevation of 391 metres 1282 feet. One can see the backdrop of Kodaikanal Hills from Cumbum. Apart from that Cumbum has most vigorous activity in agriculture.

The town is cumbum in Theni district of Tamil Nadu, near Kerala state, geographically located between 9°30n. and 10°11 North latitude and between 77°e and 77°30E. It is the third largest town in Theni district after Theni and Bodingbauer. The soil in this region is mostly red soil in nature. Agriculture plays a vital role in the development of their activities. Crops like paddy, coconut, groundnut and various types of fruits and vegetables grown in this region.

It has many places of worship, among them Sri. Kambaraya Perumal Kovil, Sri. Gowmariyamman Kovil, Sri. Nandha Gopal Swami Kovil, mosques located for extend the period of three churches. The town is well connected with District roads with nearby urban and rural cities and towns, but not connected by railway. Average maximum temperatures range from 41.6 °C and 31.6 °C respectively. The average annual rainfall is around 836 mm with the town, and that if the rains during the South West monsoon.

The main source of water for drinking and agriculture comes from the Periyar river, which flows diverted from the state of Kerala. Suruli falls which is 10 km from Cumbum is surrounded by mountains the nearest airport is Madurai and Kochi international airport in Kerala, which is 175 km by road. Thekkady the Periyar wildlife sanctuary in Kerala, which is a popular tourist destination in Kerala located 30 km from Cumbum, near Kumily, which is a border town between Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Cumbum is a valley, surrounded by hills. On the Eastern side of the hills forming the seven dams on the hills. In the South, the famous tourist attraction, "Thekkady" is situated in Kerala. Cumbum is famous for its coconut and trading market cardamom.

  • India Cumbum state assembly constituency an assembly constituency in Praksam district, Andhra Pradesh, India Cumbum Tamil Nadu a town in Tamil Nadu India
  • Cumbum is a state assembly constituency in Theni district in Tamil Nadu Elections were not held in 1957 and 1962. Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly Constituency
  • Cumbum Valley, also called Kambam Valley, is a valley in the Theni district of Tamil Nadu state in India near the Kerala state border. This is the most
  • held in Tamil Nadu in four separate phases. Election for Thirumangalam was held on January 9 and for Bargur, Thondamuthur, Ilayankudi, Cumbum and Srivaikuntam
  • 1949 is an Indian politician and was a member of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly from the Cumbum constituency. He most recently represented the Dravida
  • Cumbum block is a revenue block in the Theni district of Tamil Nadu India. It has a total of 5 panchayat villages. Map of revenue blocks of Theni district
  • Elections in Tamil Nadu are conducted every five years to elect the State assembly and its share of members to the Lok Sabha. There are 234 assembly constituencies
  • The Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly alone has powers to legislate laws covering state subjects in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu It has a strength of
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  • The Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly election was held on 16 May 2016 for the 232 seats except Thanjavur and Aravakurichi of the Legislative Assembly
  • The 1989 Indian general election polls in Tamil Nadu were held for 39 seats in the state. The result was a landslide victory for Indian National Congress
  • The fifth legislative assembly election of Tamil Nadu was held in March 1971. Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam was re - elected, after its first victory under the
  • The thirteenth legislative assembly election, of Tamil Nadu was held on May 8, 2006. It was held for all 234 constituencies to elect the government in