ⓘ Forest Song


ⓘ Forest Song

There is a guy and a girl who are reading the book "The forest song" by Lesya Ukrainka on the river bank. Reading transfers them to Polesia where the action of the drama takes place.

The mythological characters and people meet in the magic wood. The music of the nozzle which is played by a country guy Lukash awakens the forest girl Mavka from a dream. They fall in love. Mavka leaves the forest kingdom and goes to people because of Lukash. Lukashs mother treats Mavka with hostility. She insists on Lukash’s marriage the widow Kilin and it causes a very intolerable pain to Mavka. But she is taken away "By the one who sits in the rock ". Leshy damns Lukash for his unfaithfulness and turns him into a wolf.

After Lukash’s uncle death he flounces in the wood, and his shout returns Mavka from the drowsiness. She forgives Lukash, and that becomes a man again.

Hoping to meet Lukash Mavka comes to his house where meets Kilina, and that damns her. Mavka turns into a weeping willow. Lukash comes back home, and Kilinas son asks him to play a pipe. Lukash plays the melody which made acquaintance with Mavka. The pipe plays Mavka’s voice, and Kilina makes Lukash to cut down a willow. After Lukash’s refusal Kilina tries to make it herself. Perelesnik saves Mavka.

Lukash goes to the wood where meets Mavkas wraith. The memories of spring and love in an autumn night cover with the snow. Lukash sits still under the birch … The girl reads the final words of the book on the seashore, stroking the guy’s head.


1. Cast

  • Valery Kvitka as Forest Fire
  • Raisa Nedashkovskaya as Mavka
  • Raisa Pirozhenko as Kilina
  • Vladimir Rudin as Spirit of the Forest
  • Varvara Gubenko as Lukashs Mother
  • Vladimir Sidorchuk as Lukash
  • Pyotr Vesklyarov as Uncle Lev