ⓘ Yoko (TV series)


ⓘ Yoko (TV series)

Yoko is a Russian-Spanish 3D animated television series. The show currently airs in 60 countries across the world. The target audience is preschool. The first season contains 52 episodes.


1. Plot

The story follows the adventures of Mai, Oto and Vik and a magical creature named Yoko. Yoko has been developed as a truly international property focused on outdoor play patterns with a social curriculum that mixes friendship, nature, and imagination.


2. Characters

Yoko - A magical being living in the park.

Vik - 6 years old. The smartest and most erudite boy among the friends. He has brown hair, brown eyes and tan skin. He wears an orange sweatshirt with a golden top and white accents, purple pants, and matching sneakers.

Mai - 4 years old. The only female in the company of kids. She really loves nature and everything that is part of it, but most of all she loves Yoko. She has hot pink hair, green eyes and fair skin. She wears a yellow T-shirt with white accents, a light green skirt, matching sneakers, and white socks.

Oto - 5 years old. The most perky, naughty and active among the friends. Oto likes everything connected with sports, rivalry and active rest. He has blue hair, blue eyes and fair-reddish skin. He wears a red shirt with white accents and matching collar, blue pants, and matching sneakers.

Ranger Loops - A park ranger, the main woman in the park.


3. Festivals and Awards

  • YOKO series was recognized as Animated series with highest international potential at XX Suzdal Animation Festival Russia in 2015. The award was received from Reem MIDEM, a global leader in the organization of international television, audiovisual and digital content markets such as MIPTV, MIPCOM, MIPJunior, MIPFormats, MIPDoc, and Expocontent, an official representative of MIPJunior in Russia, Ukraine and CIS. Yuri Moskvin, YOKO’s producer Wizart Animation:" We are very happy to receive this award from Reed MIDEM and we expect that broadcasters will also appreciate YOKO’s potential for international markets.