ⓘ Dinuzulu's Volunteers


ⓘ Dinuzulus Volunteers

After the Anglo-Zulu War, Britain divided Zululand up into 13 chiefdoms, governed over by compliant chiefs. This did not last for long, however, and eventually the rightful heir Dinuzulu, son of the former king Cetshwayo kaMpande was reinstated.

However, one main, Zibhebhu kaMaphitha also known as Usibepu was left alone and allowed to keep their land.

  • with access to the sea. Led by General Louis Botha, they formed Dinuzulu s Volunteers and after several clashes with Zibhebhu, defeated him at the Battle
  • possibly by poisoning. Dinuzulu was left to fight for the succession, and with the help of General Louis Botha and Dinuzulu s Volunteers defeated Zibhebhu
  • eldest son named Louis. Louis Botha led Dinuzulu s Volunteers a group of Boers that had supported Dinuzulu against Zibhebhu in 1884. Botha later became
  • India. Stuart, James 1913 A History of the Zulu Rebellion 1906: And of Dinuzulu s Arrest, Trial, and Expatriation. London: Macmillan. Vandervort, Bruce
  • beads. Baden - Powell is claimed to have found the necklace when he came to Dinuzulu s deserted mountain stronghold. Such necklaces were known as iziQu in Zulu