ⓘ Moon Rainbow


ⓘ Moon Rainbow

Moon Rainbow is a 1983 Soviet science fiction film directed by Vladimir Karpichev and Andrei Yermash based on the novel of the same name by Sergei Pavlov about a person gaining inexplicable extrasensory properties in the process of space exploration.


1. Plot

In different regions of the Earth "black traces" are registered and in the same places unexplained atmospheric anomalies and magnetic storms take place. Specially created operational group manages to find out the connection of "traces" with the cosmic catastrophe on the outskirts of the Solar system, as a result of which only four survivors were left. They were Timur Kizimov, David Norton, Jean Laura and Eduard Jong. Once upon Oberon satellite of the planet Uranus there was a geological catastrophe - a huge section of the surface collapsed into the bowels of the planetoid. As a consequence, nine of the Space Marine spies sent to this place by the "Moon Rainbow" expedition were killed, in addition to the four others. At the crash, at the time and over the place of collapse, a strange greenish glow appears, the nature of which is not clear. The four survivors apparently fall under the influence of radiation from this phenomenon.

The story of the "Black Wave" begins in the Pamir, at the weather station "Eagle Peak", where during the blizzard all electronics fail because of the impact on it of the extraordinary abilities of the former Space Marine Timur Kizimov, who is just carrying out the watch at that time. But in the film, more attention is paid to the story of David Norton, nicknamed "Moon Dev". Thanks to his super abilities acquired at the time of the disaster in Oberon, he performs an inexplicable from a scientific point of view feat, passing alone and safely for himself on the plateau of "Fire Snakes" on Mercury, where before him, reconnaissance squads constantly perished.


2. Cast

  • Georgiy Taratorkin - Timur Kizimov
  • Boris Ivanov - Martin Weber
  • Vladimir Gostyukhin - David Norton Moon Dev
  • Vladimir Kenigson - Charles Leonard Rogan
  • Gediminas Girdvainis - Albertas Grizhas
  • Natalya Sayko - Lyudmila Bakulina Bystrov
  • Leonid Nevedomsky - Garanin
  • Yury Solomin - Nikolsky
  • Aleksandr Porokhovshchikov - Buck
  • Vasily Livanov - Galbraith
  • Igor Starygin - Frank Pauling
  • Sergey Desnitsky - head of the group "Mongoose"
  • Grazhyna Baikshtite - Silvia Norton
  • Alexander Novikov - Aimo Zotto, nicknamed "Canary"