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  • The Kingdom of Castile kæˈstiːl Spanish: Reino de Castilla, Latin: Regnum Castellae was a large and powerful state located on the Iberian Peninsula
  • The Council of Castile Spanish: Real y Supremo Consejo de Castilla known earlier as the Royal Council Spanish: Consejo Real was a ruling body and
  • The Crown of Castile was a medieval polity in the Iberian Peninsula that formed in 1230 as a result of the third and definitive union of the crowns and
  • Spanish: Juana la Loca was Queen of Castile from 1504, and of Aragon from 1516. Modern Spain evolved from the union of these two crowns. Joanna was married
  • regnant of Castile in 1217 and queen consort of Leon from 1197 to 1204. As the eldest child and heir presumptive of Alfonso VIII of Castile she was
  • XI of Castile 13 August 1311  26 March 1350 called the Avenger el Justiciero was the king of Castile Leon and Galicia. He was the son of Ferdinand
  • John II of Castile Spanish: Juan 6 March 1405 20 July 1454 was King of Castile and Leon from 1406 to 1454. John was the son of King Henry III and
  • I of Portugal. Peter Spanish: Pedro 30 August 1334  23 March 1369 called the Cruel el Cruel or the Just el Justo was the king of Castile and
  • The coat of arms of Castile was the heraldic emblem of its monarchs. Historian Michel Pastoureau says that the original purpose ofheraldic emblems and
  • of the Crown of Castile from 1379 until 1390. He was the son of Henry II and of his wife Juana Manuel of Castile He was the last monarch of Castile to