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Media portrayals of Indigenous Australians

Media portrayals of Indigenous Australians fall into a range of categories, which academics and commentators have described as often negative or stereotyped. In issues which concern them, Indigenous voices are continually drowned out by non-Indigenous voices, which present them as "problems" for the rest of society. Most stories are directed at white audiences, and anything which concerns welfare, or land rights especially, is tinged with a clear sense of conflict between "us" and "them." Indigenous people are often portrayed positively in documentaries and advertisements, almost as touris ...

CNN effect

The CNN effect is a phenomenon in political science and media studies which states that CNNs use of shocking images of humanitarian crises around the world compels U.S. policy makers to intervene in humanitarian situations they may not otherwise have an interest in. The 24-hour international television news channel known as Cable News Network or CNN, had a major impact on the conduct of states foreign policy in the late Cold War period and that CNN and its subsequent industry competitors have had a similar impact in the post Cold War era. While the free press has, in its role as the "Fourt ...

Democratic media

Democratic media is a form of media organization that strives to have the principles of democracy underlying not only the production of content, but also the organization of the entire project.

Embedded journalism

Embedded journalism refers to news reporters being attached to military units involved in armed conflicts. While the term could be applied to many historical interactions between journalists and military personnel, it first came to be used in the media coverage of the 2003 invasion of Iraq. The United States military responded to pressure from the countrys news media who were disappointed by the level of access granted during the 1991 Gulf War and the 2001 U.S. invasion of Afghanistan. The practice has been criticized as being part of a propaganda campaign whereby embedded journalists acco ...

Gender representation in video games

The portrayal of men and women in video games, as in other media, is a subject of research in gender studies and is discussed in the context of sexism in video gaming. Although women make up about half of video game players, they are significantly underrepresented as characters in mainstream games, despite the prominence of iconic heroines such as Samus Aran or Lara Croft. The portrayal of women in games often reflects traditional gender roles, sexual objectification, or stereotypes such as that of the "damsel in distress". Male characters are often stereotypically depicted as big and musc ...


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