ⓘ 1603 in music


ⓘ 1603 in music

  • Giovanni Artusi attacks the "crudities" and "licence" in the works of Claudio Monteverdi.
  • Sebastian Aguilera de Heredia leaves his post as organist of Huesca Cathedral to become maestro de musica at La Seo Cathedral in Saragossa.
  • Orlando Gibbons becomes a member of the Chapel Royal.

1. Publications

  • Claudio Monteverdi – Il quatro libro de madrigali a cinque voci di Claudio Monteverdi Maestro della Musica del Ser.mo Sig.r Duca di Mantova fourth book of madrigals a 5, published in Venice
  • Ascanio Mayone – Il Primo libro di diversi capricci per sonare, keyboard music
  • Carlo Gesualdo – Sacrarum cantionum liber primus, 2 vols. Naples: Costantino Vitale

2. Classical music

  • Tomas Luis de Victoria – Officium Defunctorum, composed for the funeral obsequies of Maria of Austria, Holy Roman Empress, performed on April 22 and 23

3. Births

  • November – Francesco Foggia, composer died 1688
  • Denis Gaultier, French lutenist and composer died 1672
  • William Smith, liturgical composer died 1645
  • date unknown
  • March 18 – King John IV of Portugal, composer, patron of music and the arts, and writer on music died 1656
  • probable – Benedetto Ferrari, composer and theorbo player died 1681

4. Deaths

  • July 4 – Philippe de Monte, Flemish composer born 1521
  • August 16 – Cardinal Silvio Antoniani, amateur musician born 1540
  • June – Baldassare Donato, composer and singer born 1525-1530
  • August 2 – Rinaldo dallArpa, composer, singer and harpist
  • date unknown – Ambrosio Cotes, Spanish composer born c.1550
  • October 23 – Johann Wanning, Dutch-born composer, kapellmeister and alto singer born 1537
  • September 25 – Stefano Felis, Neapolitan composer and music teacher born c.1538
  • 1603 MDCIII was a common year starting on Wednesday of the Gregorian calendar and a common year starting on Saturday of the Julian calendar, the 1603rd
  • lutenist who also composed other music died 1591 Philippe de Monte, Flemish composer of Italian madrigals died 1603 March 4 Giovanni Pierluigi da
  • died 1603 Annibale Zoilo, Italian composer, singer and choirmaster died 1592 1538 Stefano Felis, Italian composer, singer and choirmaster died 1603 c
  • of the literary events and publications in 1603 Early? Thomas Middleton marries Magdalen Mary Marbeck in London. February March Thomas Heywood s
  • year 1603 in art. unknown Caravaggio, The Entombment of Christ Caravaggio, Sacrifice of Isaac Caravaggio The Entombment of Christ 1602 - 1603 Sacrifice
  • The year 1603 in science and technology involved some significant events. Johann Bayer publishes the star atlas Uranometria, the first to cover the entire
  • Music Printing in Renaissance Venice: The Scotto Press, 1539 1572 Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998 p. 27. J. P. Wainright, England ii, 1603 1642
  • Dutch composer and choirmaster died c. 1603 1550 Matthias Greitter poet, cantor, composer and singer died in Strasbourg c.55 approx. year Silvestro
  • Music on the Shakespearian Stage Cambridge University Press, 2008 p. 6. J. P. Wainright, England ii, 1603 - 1642 in J. Haar, ed., European Music
  • viol player and composer born c.1569 September 24 William Lawes, English composer born 1602 date unknown William Smith, composer born 1603