ⓘ Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase 2


ⓘ Indoleamine 2.3-dioxygenase 2

IDO2 indolamine-2.3-dioxygenase is an enzyme with protein size of 420 amino acids 47 kDa that is used for catabolism of tryptophan. In organisms, other enzymes participate in L-tryptophan cleavage, namely IDO1 and TDO. Despite of IDO1 and IDO2 are closely related enzymes originating by gene duplication and sharing high level 43% of sequence homology, they differentiate by their kinetics, function and expression pattern. Genes encoding IDO1 and IDO2 have similar genomic structure and are situated closely to each other on chromosome 8. IDO2 is produced in a very limited type of tissues as kidney, liver or antigen presenting cells. IDO2 is less active on substrates of IDO1, better catabolizing other Trp derivates as 5-methoxytryptophan. There are several isoforms in population that comes from alternative splicing. As well as IDO1, IDO2 has been reported in Treg differentiation in vitro, suggesting a role in tolerance maintenance. Its expression has been found in several cancers, gastric, colon or renal tumores.

  • Indoleamine - pyrrole 2, 3 - dioxygenase IDO or INDO EC is a heme - containing enzyme physiologically expressed in a number of tissues and cells
  • tryptophan 2, 3 - dioxygenase TDO, also sometimes referred to as tryptophan oxygenase and L - tryptophan pyrrolase and the closely related indoleamine 2, 3 - dioxygenase
  • indole: oxygen 2, 3 - oxidoreductase decyclizing Other names in common use include indole oxidase, indoleamine 2, 3 - dioxygenase ambiguous indole: O 2 oxidoreductase
  • catalyzed by either tryptophan 2, 3 - dioxygenase TDO or indoleamine 2, 3 - dioxygenase IDO which are heme dioxygenases that utilize iron coordinated by
  • Tryptophan pyrrolase may refer to: Tryptophan 2, 3 - dioxygenase an enzyme Indoleamine 2, 3 - dioxygenase an enzyme
  • investigational drug for cancer. Epacadostat is an inhibitor of indoleamine 2, 3 - dioxygenase - 1 IDO1 As of 2017, the combination of epacadostat with pembrolizumab
  • compound that is an inhibitor of the tryptophan catabolic enzyme indoleamine 2, 3 - dioxygenase IDO or INDO EC It is a chiral compound that can
  • by the enzyme tryptophan dioxygenase which is made primarily but not exclusively in the liver, and indoleamine 2, 3 - dioxygenase which is made in many tissues
  • formation of N - formylkynurenine is catalyzed by heme dioxygenases Indoleamine 2, 3 - dioxygenase Basran, Jaswir Efimov, Igor Chauhan, Nishma Thackray
  • Istanbul, Turkey Ido name Ido language, a constructed language Indoleamine 2, 3 - dioxygenase a key enzyme of tryptophan metabolism Ido film a 2005 film