ⓘ Nuño Fernández


ⓘ Nuño Fernandez

Nuño Fernandez was a nobleman of the Kingdom of Leon. He held both the counties of Burgos and Castile in the east of the kingdom.

Nuno was probably the brother of Gonzalo Fernandez, who was the count of Castile and Burgos until at least 915. Although records are too few to be sure, Nuno probably succeeded his brother in Burgos, but not in Castile, where count named Fernando was in power in the 917. Count Rodrigo Fernandez, mentioned in the Charter of 926, otherwise unknown, may be the younger brother Nuños.

According to the Anales Castellanos Primeros, in 912 king Garcia I of Leon gave the three points the responsibility of repopulating the southern Castilian lands up to the river Duero: Count Gonzalo Tellez of Lantaron, count add munio nuñez of Castile and Gonzalo Fernandez. It is likely that Gonzalos younger brother, Nuno also participated in this major law on migration. Gonzalo is responsible for the creation of cities Aza, Clunia and San Esteban. It has been suggested that Gonzalo and Nuno engineered a coup that made Alfonso III to abdicate and put Garcia on the throne in 910.

In the year 920 of Nuno and two other counters, Fernando Ansurez and Abolmondar Albo, along with their son Diego, denounced the king of Ordono II and refused to participate in a defensive war against the Cordoban Caliphate. The king urged them on Tebular an undisclosed location on the river carrion and planted them.

Although Nuno was count at the time of its conclusion, his country is not named in the contemporary sources. It was probably Burgos. The earliest surviving document to call him as count of Burgos is in the archives of the monastery of San Pedro de Cardin and 13 922 of September, after his release from prison. Another document from San Pedro, dated 25 Feb 926, in the beginning of reign of Alfonso IV, shows that Nunio acquired the County of Castile at some time after 922. A document from 26 927 Mar the record of the court case involving the monastery of Santa Maria del Puerto in the port of Santoña is dated in the reign of the count of Nuno and Froilaz of king Alfonso. This Alfonso, a cousin of Alfonso IV, was ruling the Northern Kingdom, apparently with his cousins support.

Nuno not mentioned after 927. He was replaced by count of Castile Fernando Ansúrez, who was in power until October 1, 929 in the past. The next known count of Burgos Nunez Gutier, was 1 931 Mar. He was probably Nuños son and successor. Thus, districts divided after the death of Gonzalos, reunited under Nuno and again divided at his death.