ⓘ The Adventurers (2014 film)


ⓘ The Adventurers (2014 film)

The Adventurers is a 2014 Russian adventure film directed by Konstantin Buslov.

The films plot bears strong similarity to the 1967 film The Last Adventure.


1. Plot

Katya and Andrey arrive in Malta on the eve of their wedding and they coincidentally encounter Max in a diving center, a scuba diver and Katyas former fiance. Max suggests that they all begin diving together. During one of the dives, Katya finds a fragment of a life jacket with the number of a German submarine from the time of the Second World War. After investigating, the guys find out that in 1942, members of the SS stole ancient egyptian relics from the Maltese Order of Hospitallers, which should have been delivered to Germany. However the treasures failed to reach their destination. They decide that the drowned submarine must be somewhere around the Maltese beaches. Katya, Andrei and Max become immersed in the quest for treasure and a love triangle develops between them.


2. Production

The picture was shot on location in Malta.

Svetlana Khodchenkova took courses on diving before the film. Konstantin Khabensky did scuba diving for many years.

During one scene Khabenskys gas cylinder was not filled with air which caused the actor to almost drown.