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ⓘ Miler

Miler may refer to:


  • Miler Magrath 1523–1622, Irish priest and archbishop born in County Fermanagh, Ireland.
  • Miler OHiggin died 1590, Irish Roman Catholic clergyman.


  • Zdenek Miler 1921–2011, Czech animator and illustrator.
  • Johnny Miler 1910–1976, United States Olympic boxer.
  • Phil Miler, Brazilian actor and an internationally awarded voice actor.


  • Miler Coaster, a family-owned roller coaster manufacturing firm based in Portland, Oregon, United States.
  • Prince Miler, medium-sized pickup truck built by the Prince Motor Company.
  • E F Miler Industries formerly Miler Coaster, Inc. and Miler Manufacturing is a family - owned roller coaster manufacturing firm based in Portland, Oregon
  • The 50 - Miler Award is an award of the Boy Scouts of America BSA designed to promote the ideals of Scouting and in Scoutcraft, conservation, self - reliance
  • The Prince Miler is a medium - sized pickup truck built by the Prince Motor Company. It remained on the market for four years after the 1966 merger, when
  • The Army Ten - Miler is the second largest after the Philadelphia Broad Street Run ten - mile race in the United States. It is held every October in Arlington
  • Sixty - miler 60 - miler is the colloquial name for the ships that were used in the coastal coal trade of New South Wales, Australia. The sixty milers delivered
  • The Bill Steers Men s 4 - Miler formerly Charlottesville Men s Four Miler is the only all men s run in the Charlottesville area. The race was rededicated
  • animated character in a series of cartoons created by Czech animator Zdenek Miler The premiere of the first short film with Mole took place at the Venice
  • Johnny Miler August 10, 1910 June 17, 1976 born John Miletich in Hocking, Monroe County, Iowa, was a professional boxer who competed in the 1932
  • The Sir Walter Miler is an outdoor one mile race held annually at Meredith College in Raleigh North Carolina, typically the first Friday in August.
  • Dorota Miler born 1 February 1944 is a Polish gymnast. She competed in six events at the 1964 Summer Olympics. Evans, Hilary Gjerde, Arild Heijmans
  • The Navy Ten Nautical Miler Navy 10 nm, 11.5 mi is a 10 - nautical - mile 19 km run held at Naval Support Activity Mid - South in Millington, Tennessee
  • The Adirondack Canoe Classic, also known as the 90 - miler is a three - day, 90 - mile 140 km canoe race from Old Forge to Saranac Lake in the Adirondacks