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ⓘ Hapten

Haptens are relatively small molecules that elicit an immune response only when attached to a large carrier such as a protein, the carrier may be one that also does not elicit an immune response by itself. Once the body has generated antibodies to a hapten-carrier adduct, the small-molecule hapten may also be able to bind to the antibody, but it will usually not initiate an immune response, usually only the hapten-carrier adduct can do this. Sometimes the small-molecule hapten can even block immune response to the hapten-carrier adduct by preventing the adduct from binding to the antibody, a process called hapten inhibition.

Mechanisms of lack of immune response may vary and involve complex immunological mechanisms, but can include lack of or insufficient co-stimulatory signals from antigen presenting cells.

The haptens were used to study allergic contact dermatitis ACD and mechanisms of inflammatory bowel disease IBD to trigger autoimmune responses.

The concept of haptens emerged from the work of Karl Landsteiner, who is also the initiator of the use of synthetic haptens to study immunochemical phenomena.

  • hapten Haptens are low - molecular - weight compounds that may be bound by antibodies, but cannot elicit an immune response. Consequently, the haptens themselves
  • lysine residues for coupling haptens allows a high hapten carrier protein ratio, increasing the likelihood of generating hapten - specific antibodies. In addition
  • from a patient, then treated with the hapten 2, 4 - Dinitrophenol. When reinjected back into the patient, the hapten will cause an enhanced immune response
  • Dextran 1 is a hapten inhibitor that greatly reduces the risk for anaphylactic reactions when administering dextran. Dextran 1 is composed of a small fraction
  • these patients. There are two models for this: the hapten model and the autoantibody model. The hapten model proposes that certain drugs, especially penicillin
  • Antigenicity is the capacity of a chemical structure either an antigen or hapten to bind specifically with a group of certain products that have adaptive
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  • patents.justia.com. Retrieved 3 March 2019. Yu, Baofa Lu, Yuanfei 2014 Hapten - enhanced personalized chemoimmunotherapy by intratumoral drug delivery in
  • Quinidine Penicillin in high doses can induce immune mediated hemolysis via the hapten mechanism in which antibodies are targeted against the combination of penicillin
  • metabolite, penicilloic acid, which reacts with proteins and serves as a hapten to cause an immune reaction. Approximately five percent of patients have