ⓘ 3rd Moscow Jewish Film Festival


ⓘ 3rd Moscow Jewish Film Festival

The 3rd Moscow Jewish Film Festival is an annual international film festival, which aims to gather in the program features, documentaries, shorts and animated films on the subject of Jewish culture, history and national identity and contemporary problems. The festival was held in Moscow from 12 to 20 June 2017, at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, Documentary Film Center, cinema GUM and KARO 11 cinema Oktyabr.


1. Opening film

Opening film of the festival was The Bloom of Yesterday directed by Chris Kraus. The film was presented by famous German actor Lars Eidinger. The opening ceremony was held in cinema Oktyabr which gathered about 1.600 spectators.


2. Jury

  • Pavel Lungin - President of the jury, director, screenwriter and producer
  • Artyom Vitkin - screenwriter, director, producer
  • Elena Khazanova - director
  • Dmitry Astrakhan - Film and theatre director, actor, producer
  • Arkady Ukupnik - composer, pop singer, actor, music producer
  • Igor Ugolnikov - actor, producer, director, screenwriter
  • Julia Aug - theatre and film actor and director

3. Public Council

For the first time a public council, which included filmmakers and leaders of the Jewish community, was created.

  • Vadim Rutkovsky - film critic, journalist
  • Dmitry Litvinov - producer
  • Yuri Kanner - President of Russian Jewish Congress, Vice President and member of the steering committee of World Jewish Congress
  • Denis Ruzayev - film сritic
  • Alexander Boroda, Chairman of the Public Council - Rabbi, the President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, Founder and General Director of the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, a member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation
  • David Schneiderov - television and radio presenter, film critic
  • Susanna Alperina - journalist, writer
  • Alexander Mitta - film director, screenwriter
  • Dorit Golender - diplomat, public figure, former Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the State of Israel in the Russian Federation 2010-2015


4. Creators

  • PR director - Elena Barkova
  • CEO and producer - Egor Odintsov
  • Program director - Vanya Bowden
  • Producer - Konstantin Fam
  • Educational manager - Tatyana Bezhenar
  • Executive producer - Edita Bleikh
  • Educational director - Michael Libkin

5.1. Program Competition

  • Narrative Feature
  • The Jews 2016 - France, Belgium
  • Across the Waters 2016 - Denmark
  • We had a forest 2016 - Israel
  • Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe2016 - Germany, France, Austria
  • The Bloom of Yesterday 2016 - Germany, France, Austria
  • Dirty Wolves 2015 - Spain
  • The Law 2014 - France
  • Song of Songs 2015 - Ukraine
  • Demon 2015 - Poland, Israel
  • Abulele 2015 - Israel
  • The Liberation of Skopje 2016 - Macedonia
  • Bring the Jews Home 2016 - Netherlands
  • Levinsky Park 2016 - United States
  • Dimona Twist 2016 - Israel
  • Escape from Room 18 2017 - Israel
  • Moritz Daniel Oppenheim – The first Jewish painter 2016 - Germany
  • Liga Terezin 2012 - Czech Republic, Israel
  • A Womans Story 2015 - Canada
  • Whos Gonna Love Me Now? 2016 - Israel, United Kingdom
  • Tel Aviv. Live 2016 - Israel
  • Rabin In His Own Words 2015 - Israel
  • In Search of Israeli Cuisine 2016 - United States
  • The Storyteller. After Walter Benjamin 2016 - Germany
  • Documentary Feature
  • Mr Gaga 2015 - Israel
  • Narrative Short
  • Mordechai 2016 - United Kingdom
  • Wig Shop 2016 - United States
  • The Chop 2015 - United Kingdom
  • Curpigeon 2016 - United States
  • Weeping Willows 2017 - Germany
  • An Old Score 2016 - Israel
  • In Other Words 2015 - Israel
  • Irving 2016 - United States
  • Weeping Willows 2016 - Israel
  • Our Hebrews 2016 - Israel
  • Home Movie 2013 - United Kingdom
  • 70 Hester Street 2014 - United States
  • Joes Violin 2016 - United States
  • Sugihara Survivors: Jewish and Japanese, past and future 2017 - United Kingdom, Japan
  • Documentary Short
  • The Last Blintz 2015 - United States
  • War Scarred Berlin 2015 - Germany
  • German Shepherd 2014 - Sweden
  • Spring Chicken 2016 - United States
  • Journey Birds 2015 - Israel
  • 800 Jews from our Town 2015 - Poland

5.2. Program Out of Competition

  • Special screenings
  • Zigzag of luck. Emil Braginsky 2016 - Russia
  • Arbeit Macht Frei 2009 - Israel
  • Brutus 2016 - Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, United States, Israel
  • Paradise 2016 - Russia, France
  • Kholodnoe tango 2017 - Russia
  • Another Planet 2017 - Israel


5.3. Program Education

In addition to film screenings educational program was organized in the framework of the festival, consisting of lectures, discussions and debates. A famous film director and screenwriter Andrei Konchalovsky told about unique personal ideas of paradise and about how they relate to collective past experiences. Nikolay Polissky is a protagonist of the film The storyteller. After Walter Benjamin, a Russian artist, a founder of the Archstoyanie festival and Nikola Lenivets art park discussed with the film’s audience the power of conceptual thinking. Tatyana Tarasova and Yuval Rabin had a conversation about life and tragic death of Yitzhak Rabin.Isabel Gathof is the screenwriter and director of the film Moritz Daniel Oppenheim – The first Jewish painter spoke about why Moritz Oppenheim’s life and art matter today. Naor Meningher is an independent film director, and the author of the short documentary Our Hebrews discussed the phenomenon of small Jewish communities. Arseniy Semenov is a lead actor in the film Song of Songs told about Sholem Aleichem and what was everyday life like for the Jews in the beginning of the 20th century. As a part of the special event Another Planet. Why do we need a virtual Auschwitz? a film director Amir Yatsiv and film critic Larysa Malyukova discussed the rare genre of the animated documentary. Leila Guchmazova is a ballet critica jury member of the National Theatre Award "Golden Mask" gave a lecture about a famous Israeli Ohad Naharin. Ilya Altman discussed with the audience alternative ways of escape from horrors of the Holocaust.


5.4. Program Events

The 3rd Moscow Jewish Film Festival will open with the screening of The Bloom of Yesterday directed by Chris Kraus. The picture will be presented by Lars Eidinger. The closing ceremony of the 3rd Moscow Jewish Film Festival was held in the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center. The jurors have presented awards in each of the four competition categories and one special prize. And also held a special screening of the war drama Kholodnoe tango directed by Pavel Chukhray. The film was presented by actress Yulia Peresild, producer Sabina Eremeeva and cameraman Igor Klebanov. It was also announced that an award named after Yakov Kaller is going to be established. It will be presented to the best film of the Moscow Jewish Film Festival’s program that was made in Russia. This year, the award went to the film Brutus directed by Konstantin Fam.


6. Winners

  • Honorable prize for outstanding contribution to the development of Jewish cinema in Russia - Andrei Konchalovsky
  • Winner of nomination Narrative Feature - The Bloom of Yesterday 2016
  • Winner of nomination Documentary Feature - Whos Gonna Love Me Now? 2016
  • Winner of nomination Narrative Short - In Other Words 2015
  • Special jury prize - Song of Songs 2015
  • Winner of nomination Documentary Short - Joes Violin 2016

7. Partners

  • Genesis Philanthropy Group
  • Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia
  • Ark Pictures
  • The network of cinemas "Karo"
  • Jewish Business Club "Solomon"
  • Jewish Agency for Israel
  • Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center
  • Russian Jewish Congress
  • UJA-Federation of New York