ⓘ Haunted Valley


ⓘ Haunted Valley

Haunted Valley is a fifteen episode American adventure film serial starring Ruth Roland, in which Ruth Ranger, the president of an engineering firm engaged in a construction project at the Lost River Dam, takes out a three-month loan million dollar loan from supposed friend Harry Mallinson with the "Haunted Valley" as collateral.


1. Episodes

The serial consisted of fifteen episodes, released from 6 May 1923 to 12 August 1923.

  • To Hazardous Height
  • Double Peril
  • Into the Earthquake Abyss
  • Imperiled at Sea
  • Disputed Treasure
  • The 100th Day
  • The Fight at Lost River Dam
  • The Brink of Eternity
  • The Radio Trap
  • Called to Account
  • Bound to the Enemy
  • In Desperate Flight
  • Adventure in the Valley
  • The Ordeal of Fire
  • The Midnight Raid

2. Cast

  • William Ryno. Weatherby
  • Aaron Edwards. Denslow
  • Francis Ford. Sharkey
  • Ruth Roland. Ruth Ranger
  • Jack Dougherty. Eugene Craig
  • Edouard Trebaol. Dinny
  • Eulalie Jensen. Vivian Delamar
  • Larry Steers. Henry Mallinson
  • Noble Johnson.