ⓘ Dragan Jovanović (Yugoslav politician)


ⓘ Dragan Jovanovic (Yugoslav politician)

Jovanovic was director of the Serbian Social Accountancy Service in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia at the time of that countrys disintegration. In an interview with Tanjug in July 1991, he remarked that the constituent republics of Yugoslavia, and in particular Slovenia and Croatia, had stopped making mutual payments due to the deteriorating political situation. This, he added, was preventing Serbia from making its payments to those republics.

The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to reform its currency in 1992, the result of a chaotic period of hyperinflation. Jovanovic was dismissed in June 1992 after accusing the catastrophic transition to the new Dinar. Later, he accused the allies of Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic, trying to make him a scapegoat for the situation.

  • Dragan Jovanovic politician born 1972 Serbian politician Dragan Jovanovic Yugoslav politician Serbian politician and finance minister of Yugoslavia
  • Bosnian football coach Dragan Jovanovic Yugoslavian footballer Dragan Kanatlarovski, Yugoslavian Macedonian footballer and manager Dragan Kicanovic, retired
  • Yugoslavia in the early 1990s. Jovanovic was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia now in Serbia on 28 January 1953. Her father was a well known Yugoslav
  • Dragan Jovanovic Serbian Cyrillic: Драган Јовановић born March 5, 1972 is a politician in Serbia. He has served in the National Assembly of Serbia
  • expert for the Yugoslav Government. Jovanovic was the Deputy Prime Minister March 1941 - June 1942 and the Prime Minister of the Royal Yugoslav government - in - exile
  • southern Slovenia Dragi Kanatlarovski, a retired Yugoslav and Macedonian football player Draga, Dragan Dragan Dragana, Dragas Dragic, Dragica, Dragisa, Dragivoje
  • Branislav Jovanovic Serbian Cyrillic: Бранислав Јовановић born 23 November 1955 is a politician in Serbia. He served in the National Assembly of Serbia
  • Struggle. Dragoslav Racic 1905 1945 Yugoslav colonel. Jezdimir Dangic, Yugoslav major. Dragisa Vasic 1885 1945 Yugoslav reserve officer. Acim Babic, vojvoda
  • Ljubomir Jovanovic Serbian Cyrillic: Љубомир Јовановић, 14 February 1865 2 October 1928 was a Serbian politician and historian. He was a professor