ⓘ New Hampshire Turnpike System


ⓘ New Hampshire Turnpike System

The New Hampshire Turnpike System is a system of 93 miles of limited access highway, 36 miles of which are part of the National Highway System, within the U.S. state of New Hampshire. The Turnpike System is managed by the New Hampshire Department of Transportation Bureau of Turnpikes.

There are three limited access highways that make up the Turnpike System:

  • The Everett Turnpike, which is also known as the Central Turnpike or Central New Hampshire Turnpike.
  • The Spaulding Turnpike.
  • The Blue Star Turnpike, also known as the New Hampshire Turnpike I-95.

The Blue Star and Spaulding Turnpikes are also known collectively as the Eastern Turnpike.

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