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Mystery film

A mystery film is a genre of film that revolves around the solution of a problem or a crime. It focuses on the efforts of the detective, private investigator or amateur sleuth to solve the mysterious circumstances of an issue by means of clues, investigation, and clever deduction. The plot often centers on the deductive ability, prowess, confidence, or diligence of the detective as they attempt to ..

Property of the Republic

Property of the Republic is a 1971 Soviet two-part adventure film directed by Vladimir Bychkov. Detective story takes place during the Civil War in Russia. The picture was the 44th most attended domestic film in the Soviet Union.

Stunts (film)

The film opens on an unseen figure tampering with a helicopter harness. The next morning, stuntman Greg Wilson wakes up in bed next to a blonde woman. He rides his motorcycle to the set, late for a shoot. In the stunt, he is the passenger in a skiing car. He climbs out the window and grabs onto the skid of a helicopter, which climbs to a great height. During the ascent, Greg tries to attach his harness, but finds that the hook will not close. He loses his grip and falls to his death. His brother Glen arrives on the set with reporter B.J. Parswell in tow. She is there to write about the dan ...

Blackhat (film)

Blackhat is a 2015 American action thriller film produced and directed by Michael Mann and starring Chris Hemsworth, Tang Wei, Viola Davis, Holt McCallany, and Wang Leehom. The film premiered at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles on January 8, 2015, and was released in theaters on January 16. Blackhat was a box office bomb, earning only.7 million at the box office against a budget of million. While the film received generally mixed reviews, with criticisms focused on casting and pace, the film appeared on some critics year-end lists.

Phantom Lady (film)

Phantom Lady is a 1944 American film noir directed by Robert Siodmak and starring Franchot Tone, Ella Raines and Alan Curtis. The film was Siodmaks first Hollywood noir and the first film produced by Joan Harrison, Universal Pictures earliest female executive, who was associated with Alfred Hitchcock. The film was based on the novel of the same name written by Cornell Woolrich but published under the pseudonym William Irish.

Nancy Drew (2007 film)

Nancy Drew is a 2007 American mystery comedy film loosely based on the popular series of mystery novels about the titular teen detective. It stars Emma Roberts as Nancy Drew, with Josh Flitter and Max Thieriot. Set in Los Angeles, it was directed by Andrew Fleming. Critical reactions were mixed, but the film grossed.666.930 worldwide on a million budget.

Frequency (film)

Frequency is a 2000 American science fiction thriller drama film directed by Gregory Hoblit and distributed by New Line Cinema. It was written by Toby Emmerich. Its story follows John Sullivan, a homicide detective in New York City who accidentally discovers a cross-time radio frequency on his late fathers ham radio, which allows the two to speak to each other across time. It stars Dennis Quaid, Jim Caviezel, Shawn Doyle, and Elizabeth Mitchell. The film was produced by Gregory Hoblit, Hawk Koch, Toby Emmerich, and Bill Carraro and was released on April 28, 2000. It grossed $9 million duri ...

Clue (film)

Clue is a 1985 American ensemble black comedy mystery film based on the board game of the same name. The film was directed by Jonathan Lynn, who collaborated on the script with John Landis, and stars Eileen Brennan, Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd, Michael McKean, Martin Mull, and Lesley Ann Warren. The film was produced by Debra Hill. In keeping with the nature of the board game, the theatrical release included three possible endings, with different theaters receiving one of the three endings. In the films home video release, all three endings were included. The film initially ...

Hammett (film)

Hammett is a 1982 American neo-noir mystery film directed by Wim Wenders and executive produced by Francis Ford Coppola. The screenplay was written by Ross Thomas and Dennis OFlaherty, based on the novel of the same name by Joe Gores. It stars Frederic Forrest as detective story writer Dashiell Hammett, who gets caught up in a mystery very much like one of his own stories. Marilu Henner plays Hammetts neighbor, Kit Conger and Peter Boyle plays Jimmy Ryan, an old friend from Hammetts days as a Pinkerton agent. The film was entered into the 1982 Cannes Film Festival.

The Mothman Prophecies (film)

The Mothman Prophecies is a 2002 American supernatural horror-mystery film directed by Mark Pellington, and starring Richard Gere and Laura Linney. Based on the 1975 book of the same name by parapsychologist and Fortean author John Keel, the screenplay was written by Richard Hatem. The story follows John Klein Gere, a reporter who researches the legend of the Mothman. Still shaken by the death of his wife a two years earlier in a mysterious accident, Klein is sent to cover a news piece and ends up inexplicably finding himself in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, where there have been sighting ...

Shanghai (2010 film)

Shanghai is a 2010 American neo-noir/political thriller film directed by Mikael Håfstrom, starring John Cusack and Gong Li. The film was released in China on June 17, 2010. The film had a limited release in the United States on October 2, 2015.