ⓘ The Haunted Sea


ⓘ The Haunted Sea

Near the Yucatan Peninsula, a ship, the "Hades", is found drifting in the ocean without a crew. Captain Ramsey and his crew discover the ships cargo contains ancient Aztec treasure from Montezumas temple.

Crewmen Delgago and Lane try to steal the treasure. Delgago is possessed by a statue, and transforms into a reptile monster that kills Lane. The monster sets about killing the rest of the crew.

Second mate Medina discovers the Hades captain, Jameson, is still alive and was possessed. Jameson kills himself.

The only survivors left are Medina and first mate Bergren. They rig the Hades with explosives. The monster kills Bergren, and Medina jumps overboard just as the Hades is blown apart. Shes rescued by the cargo ship, but is now possessed herself.


1. Cast

  • James Brolin as Captain Ramsey
  • Eb Lottimer as Doug Ward
  • Ronald William Lawrence as Marcus Talbot
  • Leonard Donato as Chief Engineer Anderson
  • Krista Allen as 2nd Mate Johnson
  • Joanna Pacula as 1st Mate Bergren
  • Duane Whitaker as Andy Delgado
  • Don Stroud as Chief Foster
  • Jeff Phillips as Charlie Lane

2. Release

The Haunted Sea was released on VHS by New Horizons Home Video on November 17, 1997. It was later released on DVD by Cav Distributing Corporation on September 21, 2004.


3. Reception

TV Guide awarded the film 1/5 stars, criticizing the film for its dialogue, direction, overuse of stock footage, and lack of scares and imagination. Charles Tatum from eFilmCritic awarded the film a negative 1/5 stars, criticizing the films bland direction, unconvincing monster costume, and script. Andrew Pragasam from The Spinning Image awarded the film 6/10 stars, writing, Though far from groundbreaking and with the low budget showing through on occasion, The Haunted Sea is still a tight, compelling little exploitation picture. The creature suit looks a little rubbery but the transformation effects and gore are more accomplished than one might expect."

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