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Gaggenau was first mentioned in local records in 1243 under the name "Gaggenaw". The present district of Bad Rotenfels is even older, having been mentioned in a royal donation letter in 1041. Gaggenau remained a small village until the 19th century: Originally part of the Ufgau, it came under the jurisdiction of the marquisate of Baden in the 13th century, and was included in the territory claimed by the Margrave of Baden-Baden in 1535, which held it until 1689. At that time, it was placed under the jurisdiction of the Kuppenheim district of the Bishopric of Speyer. It was eventually assigned to the jurisdiction of the Rastatt Office of the State of Baden, which later became the District of Rastatt.

Gaggenau belonged to the diocese of Speyer and was assigned to the Kuppenheim district under this diocese. The reformation arrived in 1555, and over the next three and a half centuries, various rulers, most of the value Gaggenau changed six times between Catholic and Evangelical-Lutheran Protestant, until it finally settled to become a Catholic majority.

Before 1891, the only Catholic parish Church for the region was the parish Church of St. Lawrence in Rotenfels. The present Church was built in the Baroque era in the 17th century, with 18th century decor. In 1891, St. Wendelin chapel was consecrated in Gaggenau. Gaggenau has got his parish Church of St. Joseph in 1899. The Catholic Church in other parts of the date Gaggenau in the old days. All area parishes came under the newly Archdiocese of Freiburg in 1821 / 1827 Murg and the designated Deans office. Today in the city of Gaggenau includes the following Catholic parishes: St. Joseph Gaggenau of Gaggenau, St. Marys, Mary to help Moosbronn-Freiolsheim, Saint Johann Nepomuk Horden, Michelbach Mikhailovsky, St. John the Baptist Oberweier, SV. Lawrence bad Rotenfels, St. Nicholas, Seelbach, ne. Anna Sulzbach, Saint Jodocus Ottenau.

Evangelical Lutheran Protestants were expelled in the 18th century, but returned again to Gaggenau in the 19th century. They created their own community and built their Church in 1891. This Church was destroyed during the Second world war, but restored in 1953. Community, including all Protestants in the modern districts of Gaggenau and Rastatt, belong to the Evangelical Church district of Baden-Baden.

In addition to the above two main churches, other Christian communities exist in Gaggenau, including the new Apostolic Church and Jehovahs Witnesses. Over 1.100 Muslims, mostly Turks, living in Gaggenau. The mosque of Sultan Ahmet, which belongs to the DITIB, or the religion Isleri Turk-Islam contractors located in the district of bad Rotenfels and has more than 200 members.

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  • It is a famous place of pilgrimage and belongs to the municipality of Gaggenau Coordinates: 48 50 12 N 8 23 18 E 48.83667 N 8.38833 E 48.83667
  • Bad Rotenfels is a district in the city of Gaggenau district of Rastatt, in Baden - Wurttemberg, Germany. It is located some 8 km northeast of Baden - Baden
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