ⓘ Phoenix Theatre (New York City)


ⓘ Phoenix Theatre (New York City)

The Phoenix Theatre was a pioneering off-Broadway theatre in New York City, extant from 1953 to 1982.

Phoenix was founded by impresario Norris Houghton and T. Edward Hambleton. The project was an innovative project in creation of off-off Broadway theatre. Hambleton and Houghton wanted theater steps from times square, which will place permanent company, to abandon the star system players will be in alphabetical order, to produce four or five performances a season for the society of the lesson participants will be invited to sponsor the entire season, not individual productions, but the ticket prices are much lower than on Broadway.

The Phoenix theatre was established in a building on East 12th street and Second Avenue in the East village, just off Broadway. The building, opened in 1926, formerly housed at the Yiddish Art theatre, and now the village East cinema.

Phoenix was opened on 1 December 1953, with a production of Madame, will You go?, Sidney Howards end play, starring Hume cronyn and Jessica Tandy, after the staging of "Coriolanus" and "the Golden Apple", which then moved to Broadway, in the theatre of Alvin. The opening of the season concluded with a Seagull, starring: Montgomery Clift, and directed by Sam Houghton.

Season opening Phoenix theatres was considered a success. The following season, the theater mounted many other performances with participation of outstanding figures of theatre, and received various awards.

Related parties included British actors Pamela brown, Michael Redgrave and Rachel, Peggy Ashcroft, American stars Hume cronyn, Jessica Tandy, Milly Natwick, Mildred dunnock, Robert Ryan, Montgomery Clift, and Kaye Ballard, and Directors and producers Elia Kazan, John Houseman, Robert Whitehead, Alfred de Liagre, writers, designers, Sidney Howard, Robert Sherwood, John latouche, Jerome Moross, Donald Oenslager, and Jean Eckart.

Performances staged for Phoenix theatres there are the doctors dilemma, George Bernard Shaw, the master Builder Henrik Ibsen, the Story of a soldier music drama, Igor Stravinsky, Six characters in search of an author Luigi Pirandello, the mother of us all Opera, Virgil Thomson and Gertrude Stein, "measure for Measure" by William Shakespeare, livin the life musical based on mark Twains Mississippi tales of the good woman of Szechwan of Bertolt Brecht, "the taming of the shrew" by William Shakespeare, and Anna Christie Eugene in oneill.

Houghton, frustrated the role of theatrical producer, because it interfered with his leadership, he left Phoenix to become a Professor at Vassar College, beginning in 1959, and after leaving Phoenix for several years. T. Edward Hambleton continued to run Phoenix for the rest of his existence.

In 1961, in Phoenix, in dire financial Straits, has moved to a new smaller house with 300 seats in 334 East 74th street and ceased to be a repertory company. The first production at the new location was Dad, Poor Dad, chest hung you in the closet and Im feeling so sad. But two years later, Phoenix merged with Ellis Rabbs, Association of artists, producing APA and took over the troupe. Then the company was called APA-Phoenix theatre or the APA-Phoenix repertory company. In 1966, the APA-Phoenix went to the Lyceum theatre, in the heart of the Broadway district, times square, and remained there until 1969.

In 1969, the Association with APA is over, and Phoenix became peripatetics, staging shows at various venues, including Anta Washington Square theatre, Sheridan square Theatre, 48th street Theatre Ethel Barrymore, and Marymount Manhattan theatre. In 1972, the Phoenix theatre

In 1982, the Phoenix theatre moved into a new house, in the basement of the theatre in Saint Evangelical Lutheran Church. Peter, who sits under the Citigroup center at 619 Lexington Avenue at 54th street. The opening production was Michael Hastings two fish in the sky. Phoenix theatre celebrated its new home, its new season and its 30th anniversary gala. But two fish in the sky was cooked and plopped down and looked forward to corporate support are not followed. Citing insurmountable financial difficulties, "Phoenix" announced on 13 December 1982, which cease operations. This place used 1993 York theatre.

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