ⓘ A Lover's Romance


ⓘ A Lovers Romance

A Lovers Romance or Romance for Lovers is a 1974 Soviet musical romantic drama directed by Andrei Konchalovsky.


1. Plot

Sergei and Tanya are in love with each other. Sergei is drafted into the marine corps and Tania waits for his return. Sergeis division is abandoned in favor of helping local residents in distress. During the operation, his armored personnel gets carried into the sea. His relatives receive a notice of his death. Tanyas loving childhood friend, a hockey player, helps her to cope with misfortune and she marries him.

But it turned out that Sergei did not perish. He, together with a wounded friend he saved, are found on a deserted island after a long winter. Back home, Sergei learns that Tanya has married another. Unable to accept the loss of his beloved, Sergei dies; but this death is a symbolic and emotional one, not physical. Sergei continues to live a normal life without shock and strong distress, meets another girl, marries her, has a child. In the finale there is a spiritual rebirth of the hero.


2. Cast

  • Iya Savvina as Tanyas mother
  • Ekaterina Mazurova as Tanyas grandmother
  • Aleksandr Zbruyev as Igor Volgin
  • Alexander Samoilov as Sergeis middle brother
  • Roman Gromadsky as Ensign Ivan Solovyov
  • Yelena Koreneva as Tanya vocals by Zoya Kharabadze
  • Irina Kupchenko as Lyuda vocals by Valentina Tolkunova
  • Nikolai Grinko as Vice-Admiral
  • Yevgeny Kindinov as Sergei Nikitin vocals by Alexander Gradsky
  • Elizaveta Solodova as Sergeis mother
  • Ivan Ryzhov as Vasiliy
  • Innokenty Smoktunovsky as Trumpeter vocals by Vladimir Siskin
  • Vladimir Konkin as Sergeis younger brother