ⓘ Taşgeçit Bridge


ⓘ Tasgeçit Bridge

Tasgeçit Bridge is a Roman bridge in Mersin Province, Turkey.

The bridge is located about 3.5 km 2.2 miles southwest of the village Yeniyurt district of Erdemli ilçe 36°3645"N 34°0613"E. its distance to Erdemli is 29 km 18 mi and Mersin is 65 kilometres 40 mi. He was already a dried up Creek, a tributary of the river Lama.

There are several written sources, on the bridge. But according to Professor Serra Durugonul, Department of archaeology, University of Mersin, the bridge was built in the 2nd century during the Roman rule in Anatolia. It is a stone bridge with two arches. Even today the bridge is quite usable. However, the Creek dried up and the ancient road is already erased. Thus, the bridge is out of use. Currently, there is a water pipe from a nearby level control of water in the village, passing under the arches.