ⓘ Alternative Greens


ⓘ Alternative Greens

The Alternative Greens was a green political party in Aosta Valley, which used to be the regional section of the Federation of the Greens.

Its main leaders were Elio Riccarand, founder and coordinator until 2008, and Fedi Paolo, coordinator from 2008 to 2010.

Riccarand, who were elected with the "new left" list in the regional elections of 1988, switched their affiliation to "alternative Green" in 1990. In the regional election of 1993 the party received 7.2% of votes and three regional advisors, including Riccarand, who served as regional Minister of the environment for five years.

In the regional elections of 1998 the party merged with the Aosta valley, which received 6.8% of the votes and two elected regional councillors.

Alternative greens were a major force in the rainbow Aosta valley Avda left coalition that included also the Party of Communist Refoundation, party of Italian Communists, left-wing Democrats since 2007, and several smaller local groups. In the regional elections of 2003 the coalition received 7.9% of the votes and three regional advisors. In the regional elections of 2008, he received 5.6% of the vote and no regional councillors.

In 2010, alternative greens, which was part of the autonomy, freedom, and democracy in General elections since 2006, the distance from the left and merged into a new party named autonomy liberty participation ecology of the Alps, along with two other progressive parties, Valdostan renewal and Vallee dAoste Vives.

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