ⓘ Wolkwitz


ⓘ Wolkwitz

Wolkwitz is a surname of German/Western-Slavic origin. "-witz" in this case is not the German word for wit/joke, but is a German variation on a Slavic suffix "-vich," "-vic," "-wits," "-witz," or "-wicz" -wicz being a Polish variation meaning "son of," "child of," "family of," "clan of," etc. Having the suffix "-witz" at the end of a surname usually signifies heritage from the Western-Slavic peoples of Pomerania, or elsewhere in Eastern Germany.

People with "-WITZ" names probably are derived from Eastern Germany. Although original bearers of the surname with this suffix would have been predominantly Christian, many Jewish families with German roots also carry "-WITZ" suffix, probably from intermarriage with Christians or the Germans to assume a "sounding German" names. In the 20th century some members of the family Volkovitz lives in new York, changed her name to Walker, in order to avoid bad those who held anti-Semitic views, although most people with such prefixes in the names may not be Jewish at all.

"Wolf", in this case, can be a wrong German word "Volk" meaning "people" or "nation". Much more likely, however, that "wolf" is derived from the polabian Slavs the word "wolf". This is likely because the Slavic word wolf = wolf is paired with the Slavic suffix-Vits = family -is an odd pairing with the error of the German word Wolf = wolf = man with a Slavic suffix.

The name may be related to or a branch of a surname Wolkowitz, Volkwitz, and Volkowitz likely a consequence of the poor documentation over time or changes in spelling in different regions of Germany.

The most accurate translation of the meaning Wolkwitz will be "family of wolves" or "wolfs son".

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