ⓘ Anyuy Mountains


ⓘ Anyuy Mountains

The Anyuy Mountains, also known as South Anyuy Range are a range of mountains in far north-eastern Russia. Administratively the range is part of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Russia. The area of the range is largely uninhabited.


1. Geography

To the north rises the Chuvanay Range and to the northeast the Ilirney Range, on the other side of the Maly Anyuy River. The Anyuy Range is part of the East Siberian System of mountains and is one of the subranges of the Anadyr Highlands.

Although there are no glaciers in the range in present times, there is evidence of ancient glaciation. The Anyuy Range is drained by rivers Maly Anyuy, Bolshoy Anyuy, and Omolon. The highest point is 1.779 metres 5.837 ft high Blokhin Peak Пик Блохина at 67°06′06″N 166°51′38″E, and the second highest 1.759 metres 5.771 ft high Pik Sovetskoy Gvardii Soviet Guard Peak.

In 1952 a volcano was discovered in the southern part of the range following examination of aerial images. The volcano was named Anyuyskiy.


2. Flora

There are sparse forests of larch in river valleys and the mountain slopes are covered with tundra vegetation, with rocky mountain tundra on the ridges and peaks.