ⓘ Corporate Town of Kadina


ⓘ Corporate Town of Kadina

The council was proclaimed on 31 July 1872, following a 200-strong public meeting in May and subsequent petition to the government. The boundaries of the municipality were defined as Eliza Terrace, Julia Terrace, Lindsay Terrace, Doswell Terrace, Sophia Terrace, Cameron Terrace and Frances Terrace. It was divided into four wards at its inception: Elder Ward, Hughes Ward, Stirling Ward and Taylor Ward. The proclamation named Thomas Herne Hall as the first mayor, and Thomas Cornish and James Martin Elder, R. W. Bawden and R. S. Haddy Hughes, Thomas Tregoweth and John Rundle Stirling and William Harris and John Tonkin Taylor as the first councillors. The council meetings were initially held in Halls store.

In 1883, the new Council had a scheme of landscaping in Victoria square, replacing the "true eyes" that existed in advance. The Council acquired the Institute Kadina in 1889 after a Committee of the Institute struggled to make mortgage payments in 1883 the addition of the hall and then the building became the town hall, Kadina. June 23, 1908, the Council became the first municipality in South Australia to be powered by its own electric lighting plant.

May 3, 1917, he annexed the neighboring area Kadina South, in the area South of the railway, which had previously controlled the district Council of Kadina and do not have enough city Council municipal services. In may 1932, he took over the management of the cemetery Kadina from the former Board of Trustees. In 1936, he was responsible for an area of 1.030 acres with a capital value of £542.880. The Council will continue to have responsibility for electricity in the city until 1950-ies, when the city plant was transferred to the energy Fund of South Australia.

By 1968, there was support for the merger with the surrounding municipalities as to the development of the city has reached the limits of municipal boundaries, as well as historic Kadina suburb of Jerusalem, Jericho, New town Wallaroo mines were across the border in the district Council of Kadina, which completely surrounded the city. The discussion of the merger in 1969, 1970 and 1972 was unsuccessful, but after the city Council trying to Annex, not in the suburbs, an agreement was reached on unification of the two councils Kadina in September 1876. The Council held its last meeting on April 4, 1977, before to merge the district Council of Kadina.

  • in the Corporate Town of Kadina Corporate Town of Moonta or the Corporate Town of Wallaroo. There had earlier been a serious attempt by Kadina residents
  • Kadina may refer to: Kadina New South Wales, a locality Kadina High School Kadina South Australia, a town and locality Kadina Cemetery Kadina Town Hall
  • Kadina kəˈdiːnə kə - DEE - nə is a town on the Yorke Peninsula of the Australian state of South Australia, approximately 144 kilometres north - northwest
  • Kadina Town Hall is a heritage - listed town hall at 51 Taylor Street, Kadina South Australia. It was listed on the South Australian Heritage Register
  • been encircled by a stone wall. Control of the cemetery passed to the Corporate Town of Kadina in May 1932. Kadina Cemetery, including the Mortuary and
  • The Corporate Town of Wallaroo was a local government area in South Australia from 1874 to 1997, centred on the town of Wallaroo. The municipality was
  • Ferguson. He was a Corporate Town of Kadina councillor for 16 years, secretary of the Yorke Peninsula Trotting Club for 28 years, secretary of the Wallaroo
  • localities of Wallaroo Plain west portion Warburto and Boors Plain larger west portion Corporate Town of Kadina 1872 - 1977 Corporate Town of Moonta
  • Hundred of Kadina is a cadastral unit of hundred located on the north - western Yorke Peninsula in South Australia. It is one of the 16 hundreds of the County
  • Meier. He was Mayor of the Corporate Town of Kadina as also was Liberal Premier John Olsen from 1968 to 1971, a charter member of Kadina Rotary Club from
  • portions of Moonta Bay, North Moonta, Port Hughes and eleven acres of mineral leases to the east of the town from the District Council of Kadina A fifth