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ⓘ True Health Diagnostics

True Health Diagnostics was founded by Chris Grottenthaler in March 2014 in Frisco, Texas, a clinical laboratory company to sell and develop medical tests. Grottenthaler had formerly worked in private equity. True Health was CLIA certified in Texas in August 2014 and offered its first tests in October of that year.

True health has hired several members who worked at bluewave, a contract sales organization. However, true health is not to hire any of the owners or management of BluWave in September 2015, True Health has acquired the assets of bankrupt competitor, diagnostic laboratory health, Inc. at judicial auction for $ 37.1 million. HDL was around 550 employees in Richmond, Virginia, and went bankrupt after a $47 million settlement with the Department of justice in connection with allegations that HDL bribed doctors to send business their way, true health is expected of corporate ethics agreement that the PAP was signed in the framework of the settlement. Paps had to run the sale through bluewave and bluewave was identified as parties to the DOJ investigation, HDL to share with bluewave in January 2015 in the course of the investigation, and in April, before he filed the bankruptcy petition, the PAP tried to force the court to consider whether former bluewave employees working with true health prevented HDLs business.

As of November 2015, true health, there are about 350 employees HDLs in Richmond and processing of samples in HDLs former object of CLIA.

In July 2016 the post in CardiBrief to name a few of the trading practices of True Health, as examples of "a variety of new scams to get new business.which arose in the Wake of the collapse and bankruptcy of laboratory diagnostics of health". These methods included the creation of the laboratory, which will be the main owner of the company, testing, and minority owned by individual doctors, who could then benefit financially, not having a lab to which he or she will send tests, which would have been illegal, the other provides management services through a blood-drawing service providers.

In December 2016, the company began to offer hospitals and medical practices and laboratory management services.

In April 2017 the True Health have begun to offer genetic testing to determine a persons risk for developing hereditary cancers.

In July 2019 the correct diagnosis of health filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. According to filings, the company will lay off about 80 employees. August 23, 2019, the company filed a notification of sale of the property free from the mortgage. No cover for the tender were defined.

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