ⓘ Heng (letter)


ⓘ Heng (letter)

Heng is a letter of the Latin alphabet, originating as a typographic ligature of h and j. It is used for a voiceless y-like sound in for example Dania transcription.

Heng ꜧ is primarily used in modern Latin alphabets for various Indigenous Languages of the Caucasus to represent the glottal stop).

Both U+A726 Ꜧ LATIN CAPITAL LETTER HENG HTML Ꜧ and U+A727 ꜧ LATIN SMALL LETTER HENG HTML ꜧ are encoded in Unicode block Latin Extended-D.


1. Transcription

A variant form, U+0267 ɧ LATIN SMALL LETTER HENG WITH HOOK, is encoded as part of the IPA Extensions Block. It is used to represent the voiceless palatal-velar fricative in the International Phonetic Alphabet.

The Teuthonista phonetic transcription system uses U+AB5C ꭜ MODIFIER LETTER SMALL HENG.

  • Heng may refer to: Heng surname a surname from Southeast Asia Heng letter an uncommon letter of the Latin alphabet combining h and the lower right
  • Heng Samrin Khmer: ហ ង ស រ ន born 25 May 1934 is a Cambodian politician who serves as the President of the National Assembly of Cambodia. Between 1979
  • Chang Heng The crater is named after Chinese astronomer Zhang Heng By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the
  • Ngee Heng Kongsi of Johor Chinese: 義 興 公 司 pinyin: Yi Xing Gong Si 1844 1916 was a Teochew secret society that founded the earliest Chinese settlement
  • Suzong of Tang 19 October 711 16 May 762 r. 756 762 personal name Li Heng ne Li Sisheng 李嗣升 known as Li Jun 李浚 from 725 to 736, known as Li Yu
  • tail Ҥ ҥ : Cyrillic ligature En Ge Н н : Cyrillic letter En with left hook Ŋ ŋ : Latin letter Eng Ꜧ ꜧ : Latin letter Heng Cyrillic characters in Unicode
  • CAPITAL LETTER H WITH DESCENDER 2 Unicode name: LATIN SMALL LETTER H WITH DESCENDER Ⱨ was added to Unicode in version 5.0 2006 Ꜧ ꜧ : Latin letter Heng Ⱪ
  • stroke groups: simple and combining. Simple strokes such as Horizontal Heng and Dot Diǎn can be written alone. Combining strokes such as Zig
  • indigenous languages of the Caucasus, the letter commonly referred to as heng Ꜧ ꜧ is used. Because the glottis is necessarily closed for the glottal
  • Chao Gai s home, he gets drunk and falls asleep in a rundown temple. Lei Heng Yuncheng s chief constable, comes to the temple while on night patrol with