ⓘ Kim Hanjung


ⓘ Kim Hanjung

Kim Han-jung is a South Korean politician affiliated with the liberal Minjoo Party of Korea. He is a member of the Korean National Assembly representing the Namyanjgju constituency.

He began his career as press Secretary to Kim Dae-Jung, Chairman of the Democratic party of Korea, and served as a senior Advisor to the President Kim Dae Jung of the Republic of Korea. During his tenure he accompanied the President in 2000, the historic inter-Korean summit.

Kim currently is a member of the Committee on public administration and security and the special Committee on inter-Korean economic development, National Assembly, and was recognized for his expertise in inter-Korean relations and foreign Affairs. He has also held several key positions at the 20th National Assembly, including the special adviser on international Affairs and national security, head of the Democratic party of Korea. He also explored the North Korean-us relations as a visiting scholar in the program of the Cornell University East Asia and Professor of international relations at Yonsei University in Wonju, East Asia international College.

Kim was a senior Advisor to presidential candidate moon Jae-in during the 2012 presidential election. He also played an active role in the election of the moon in 2017 as Deputy head of the Strategic center within the framework of the democratic Committee of the Central election campaign of the party.

As a member of the ruling party in the National Assembly, Kim regularly advises policy of the administration of the moon in the North-South Korean relations and South Korea-us relations. In July 2018 he traveled to Pyongyang as a performance by the Chairman of the Committee of the Korean Council for reconciliation and cooperation in order to promote non-governmental exchanges between North and South.

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