ⓘ The Novel: An Introduction


ⓘ The Novel: An Introduction

The Novel: An Introduction is a general introduction to narratology, written by Christoph Bode, Full Professor and Chair of Modern English Literature in the Department of English and American Studies at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen. The first edition of Der Roman was published 2005 at A. Francke Verlag in German; in 2011, the second revised and extended German edition followed, as well as the English translation.


1. Reception

"Appealingly wide-ranging in his choice of illustrative texts, Bode offers us tools for understanding how the narrative techniques of novels affect their content. While the books topical arrangement facilitates selective reading, its lively and accessible style, nicely preserved in this translation, amply rewards sequential reading." Nicholas Halmi, University College Oxford "Moreover, Bode’s clarifications of concepts, jargon and theories, as well as his persuasive emphasis on the possibilities of the generation and construction of meaning’ p. 256, will make the reader return to this multi-layered and meaningful introduction." Oana Sinziana Paltineanu, in European Review of History: Revue europeenne dhistoire "With the provocative question "What do you expect?" Christoph Bode sets the tone for this delightful guide to the experience of novel-reading. Ranging from the beginnings of the European novel to twenty-first-century fiction, drawing examples from English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Scandinavian literature, and explicating European and Anglo-American narratological theories, this erudite book remains eminently accessible thanks to its focus on fundamental questions: How do stories begin – and why? Why does fiction evoke reality? How does a narrative manipulate time? Who speaks – and can we believe him or her? What is a symbol and why does it matter? Above all: whats the difference between one way of telling a story and another? In a refreshingly lively style, Bodes The Novel shows students and readers how to ask meaningful questions about the choices that authors make and how to make sense out of the answers." Angela Esterhammer, Universitat Zurich

2. Publication information

German edition

  • Christoph Bode: Der Roman, A. Francke Verlag UTB 2580; Tubingen, Basel, 1st edition 2005, 349 p., ISBN 3-7720-3366-0 and ISBN 3-8252-2580-1
  • same editor, 2nd ext. edition 2011, ISBN 978-3825225803

English edition

  • Christoph Bode: The Novel: An Introduction, Wiley-Blackwell, 1st edition 2011, 312 p., ISBN 978-1405194471