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Aligarh Muslim University Act

Aligarh Muslim University Act was enacted in the year 1920 by the imperial legislation. The Act was amended in 1951 in order to do away with the Islamic teachings. The Act was amended in 1967 which was challenged in Azeez Basha case. In 2005 Allahabad High Court quashed Aligarh Muslim University Amendment Act, 1981, was unconstitutional and that the AMU was not a minority institution and, therefore, the notification issued by the Human Resource Development Ministry in February, permitting the university to reserve seats for Muslims in post-graduate medical courses was illegal.

Cambridge University Act 1856

The Cambridge University Act 1856 is an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom, which regulates corporate governance at the University of Cambridge. It requires that most members of full-time academic staff have voting rights over the Council of the Senate, which is ultimately the leading body in the universitys administration.

Imperial College Act 1997

The Imperial College Act 1997 is a local Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It is a minor piece of legislation that enabled Imperial College London to take over the Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School, the National Heart and Lung Institute and the Royal Postgraduate Medical School. In 1988, Imperial College had already taken over St Marys Hospital Medical School, creating the Imperial College School of Medicine now the colleges Faculty of Medicine, into which these additional medical schools were merged. The act itself transferred all the property, powers, rights and obl ...

Oxford and Cambridge Act 1571

The Oxford and Cambridge Act 1571 is an Act of the Parliament of England. This main purpose of this act was to incorporate the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. The Act was partly in force in Great Britain at the end of 2010. So much of this Act as imposed upon the mayor, aldermen, and citizens of the City of Oxford, or any of them, or any Municipal Officer of the City of Oxford, the obligation of taking any oath for the conservation of the liberties and privileges of the University of Oxford was repealed and annulled and made void by section 1 of the Universities of Oxford and Cambrid ...

Oxford University Act 1854

The Oxford University Act 1854 is an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom, which regulates corporate governance at the University of Oxford, England. It established the Hebdomadal Council, the leading body in the universitys administration, stating that most members of full-time academic staff were to have voting rights over it. In the year 2000, the Hebdomadal Council was replaced by the University Council, which is responsible to the Congregation of staff members.


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