ⓘ Ye with grave


ⓘ Ye with grave

Ye with grave is a regular combination of Cyrillic letter Ye and grave accent. Although this combination is not considered a separate letter in the alphabet of any language, it has its own individual position in certain computer encodings, such as Unicode.


1. Usage

Ye with grave represents a stressed variant of the Cyrillic letter Ye Е е.

It is used mainly in Macedonian to prevent ambiguity in certain cases: И не воведи нѐ во искушение, но избави нѐ од лукавиот = "And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil", or Сe што ќе напишете може да се употреби против вас! = All that youll write can be used literally: it can use itself against you", etc.

It can also be found in accented Bulgarian, Serbian or Church Slavonic texts as well as in older 19th-century or earlier Russian books. Recently, Russian stressed vowels are typically marked with the acute accent instead of the grave accent, and the role of grave accent is limited to the secondary stress mark in certain dictionaries acute accent shows the main stress: псeвдосфе́ра pseudosphere.