ⓘ Giove in Argo


ⓘ Giove in Argo

Giove in Argo is an Italian opera by George Frideric Handel. It is one of Handels three pasticcio works made up of music and arias from his previous operas. The libretto was written by Antonio Maria Lucchini. The opera was first performed at the Kings Theatre, Haymarket, London, on 1 May 1739.


1. History

The libretto by the Venetian poet Lucchini had been written for a setting by Antonio Lotti in Dresden in 1717. Handel might have heard Lottis opera on his visit to Dresden in 1719, where the famous Senesino sang the part of Jupiter. Probably Handel took a copy of the text to England and remembered it in 1739 when he was looking for a libretto for a short pasticcio opera with three female characters in it.

Handel brought several pasticci to the London stage. In most cases he adapted successful works of Italian composers for London, but he wrote three pasticci in which he re-used music from his own earlier works. They are the well known Oreste, the little-known Alessandro Severo and the completely unknown Giove in Argo. In the last-named opera he used, apart from music from his earlier works, some original compositions as well as two arias sung by Iside written by the Italian composer Francesco Araja.

The opera failed in London and was abandoned after only two performances.


2. Performance history

For many years most of Giove in Argo was thought to have been lost until some old manuscripts were discovered containing a considerable number of the missing arias. However, most of the recitatives from the original work remain missing. This discovery enabled musicologist and composer John H. Roberts to assemble a performable opera out of the material that was supplemented partly with his own music composed in the style of Handel. A published edition of this score is due soon by the Complete Works Edition.

The first modern performance of Giove in Argo occurred on 15 September 2006 in Bayreuth in the 18th century Margravial Opera House in a complete and staged production by Concert Royal, Cologne and Collegium Cantorum Cologne, directed by Igor Folwill and conducted by Thomas Gebhardt. The United States premiere of the work took place on April 29, 2008, in a concert format presented at Carnegie Hall with conductor Robert Bass, the Orchestra of St. Lukes, and the Collegiate Chorale. Rufus Muller sang Giove and Elizabeth Futral portrayed Calisto. The first UK performance since 1739 took place at the Royal College of Music, London, as part of the Handel Festival, on 23 March, 2015. It was conducted by Laurence Cummings.


3. Recordings

  • Giove in Argo CD 2013. Label: Virgin Classics.
  • Giove in Argo CD 2007. Label: Musicaphon
  • made by composers such as Handel, for example Muzio Scevola 1721 and Giove in Argo 1739 as well as Gluck, and Johann Christian Bach. These composite
  • Orchestra of St. Luke s in 1997, the United States premiere of Dvoeak s Dimitrij, and the American premiere of Handel s Giove in Argo Other notable works
  • Orchestra of St. Luke s in 1997, the United States premiere of Dvoeak s Dimitrij, and the American premiere of Handel s Giove in Argo Other notable works
  • Antonio Lotti, 1716 Tieteberga set to music by Antonio Vivaldi, 1717 Giove in Argo set to music by Antonio Lotti, 1717 set to music by Georg Friedrich
  • Kohler and conducted by Arman, was recorded. The pasticcio Giove in Argo was performed in 2007 after its premiere that season at the Handel Festival
  • will come when your heart doesn t expect it. Handel s 1739 pasticcio Giove in Argo also has a Lascia la spina aria, but a shorter one, less known, and
  • decade he acquired a European reputation and, by the time he sang in Lotti s Giove in Argo in 1717 at Dresden, a commensurately enormous salary. As with many
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  • minutes in length. Handel, born in 1685 in what is now Germany, had spent several years as a young composer in Italy. From 1712 he was resident in London