ⓘ Bicom Systems


ⓘ Bicom Systems

Bicom Systems is a producer and vendor of Asterisk -based unified communications solutions for VoIP businesses. Bicom Systems uses open standards telephony to create proprietary turnkey solutions. Products include all of the software and hardware components involved in building a VoIP business or ITSP.


1. History

Bicom Systems began researching and creating telecoms management software in 2003. An Asterisk pioneer, Bicom Systems launched the first ever open standards turnkey telephony system in 2004.

Bicom Systems made its first public trade exhibition at ITEXPO in January 2016 to launch new products. They will be attending Astricon in September 2016 to showcase their complete solution.

Bicom Systems has seven products including a desktop and mobile softphone, an IP PBX telephony platform, and an IP Key Systems product. Supported hardware manufacturers include Polycom, Yealink, and others.