ⓘ Jane the Virgin (Venezuelan TV series)


ⓘ Juana la virgen

Juana la Virgen is a 2002 Venezuelan telenovela written by Perla Farias and produced by RCTV. It was distributed worldwide by RCTV International.

Daniela Alvarado and Ricardo Alamo star as the protagonists, while Roxana Diaz, Norkys Batista and Eduardo Serrano play the antagonists.

In the United States, a loose adaptation of the telenovela titled Jane the Virgin premiered on The CW. It is produced by Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Distribution.


1. Synopsis

Sixteen-year-old Juana Perez Daniela Alvarado is a bright student with a scholarship to study journalism in the United States. However, she gets pregnant by artificial insemination due to a hospital error when she goes for a checkup. The father of the baby is discovered to be Mauricio de la Vega Ricardo Alamo, the owner of a fashion magazine called Positivo. Years ago, Mauricio suffered from a chronic illness and after recovering, he had his semen stored in order to fulfil his dreams of having a child with his wife Carlota Vivas Roxana Diaz. After learning of the hospital error, Mauricio tries to find the girl who could possibly be carrying his child and his only hope of becoming a father.

When her pregnancy is discovered and causes a scandal, Juana leaves school and finds a job as a photographer at Positivo. She begins to get close to Mauricio while working there, and he also begins to fall in love with her, especially after discovering she is the mother of his child. But Carlotas growing envy of not being able to give Mauricio a child and the possibility the woman carrying his child will take him away from her leads her to do everything possible to keep Mauricio and Juana separated.

Francisco Rojas Saul Marin, Mauricios business partner, disappears during Positivo magazines party, leaving his wife Desiree alone and penniless, even though they had an unstable marriage before. Rogelio Vivas, Carlotas father who also owns shares in Positivo is secretly planning to take over the business from Mauricio and frame him for the death of Francisco. He also becomes attracted to Desiree and tries to get close to her, much to the anger of his wife Amparo. Meanwhile, Desiree who is friends with Carlota stays at her house, and she also becomes infatuated with Mauricio and tries to make him fall in love with her.


2. Cast

  • Jonathan Montenegro as David
  • Miguel Angel Sanz as Nicolas
  • Maria Alejandra Martin as Ana Maria Perez
  • Ricardo Alamo as Mauricio de la Vega
  • Eliana Lopez as Enriqueta
  • Freddy Galavis as Pablo "Popeye"
  • Miguel Ferrari as Armando
  • Roxana Diaz as Carlota Vivas de la Vega
  • Norkys Batista as Desiree de Rojas
  • Zhandra de Abreu as Kiara
  • Eduardo Serrano as Rogelio Vivas
  • Leonardo Marrero as Alfredo Vivas
  • Aura Rivas as Azucena de Perez
  • Manuel Salazar as Salvador
  • Juan Carlos Alarcon as Manuel "Manolito" Ramon Perez
  • Gabriel Lopez Medrano as Rafael
  • Sebastian Falco as Martin
  • Daniela Alvarado as Juana Perez
  • Luis Gerardo Nuñez as Alfonso
  • Martin Brassesco as Humberto Vivas
  • Laura Muñoz as Shiva
  • Juliet Lima as Brandy Yuleisy
  • Flor Elena Gonzalez as Amparo de Vivas
  • Saul Marin as Francisco Rojas
  • Veronica Cortes as La Bibi

3. Other versions

  • In 2019, "Bat-El Habetula" Bat-El the Virgin, in Hebrew בתאל הבתולה, in Israel for Hot Israel.
  • In 2013, La virgen de la calle in Venezuela for RTI Producciones and Televisa.
  • In 2006, "Ek Ladki Anjaani Si" in India for Sony Entertainment Television.
  • In 2017, Parthena Zoi in Greece for ANT1.
  • In 2010, Majka in Poland for TVN.
  • In 2020, Miss Mom Jae-in 미쓰맘 제인 in South Korea, produced by Creative Leaders Group Eight for Channel A.
  • In 2014, Jane the Virgin in the United States for The CW.