ⓘ The Heritage of Love


ⓘ The Heritage of Love

The Heritage of Love is a Russian romantic drama film inspired by a true story. It is set against the Russian Revolution and subsequent onset of civil war, as well as contemporary Paris. The film is directed by Yuriy Vasilev and written by Natalia Doroshkevich and Olga Pogodina-Kuzmina. The film stars Dima Bilan, Svetlana Ivanova, Aleksandr Adabashyan, Aleksandr Baluev, and Marat Basharov.


1. Plot

The film is set in 2016. Andrey Kulikov is a young machinist who is going to Paris to visit an old lady, and to buy the oldest Russian-made car, the Russo-Balt. While walking through Paris, Andrey sees a woman, Vera, and so starts the tale of two love stories, separated by three generations and one hundred years.

Later, when Andrey visits a cemetery he finds the grave of a young lady similar to the one he just met in Paris.

During his search to the past it becomes clear that Veras and Andreys fates are connected. His great-grandfather, Andrey Dolmatov, had been an officer in the White Army during the Russian Revolution and fell in love with Duchess Vera Chernisheva in the last days of the Russian Empire and in the Russian civil war.


2. Cast

  • Petar Zekavica as Mikhailenko
  • Viktor Nemets as Yefim
  • Aleksandr Vasilev
  • Yulia Peresild as Masha Kulikova
  • Tatyana Lyutaeva as Duchess Chernisheva
  • Dima Bilan as Officer and Nobleman Andrey Dolmatov / Andrey Kulikov
  • Vladislav Vetrov as The Ducks
  • Aleksandr Golovin as Repnin
  • Aleksandr Baluev as Tereshchenko
  • Svetlana Ivanova as Duchess Vera Chernisheva / Vera Yezerskaya
  • Aleksandr Adabashyan as Lev Chij
  • Lilita Ozolina as Yelizaveta Yezerskaya von liven
  • Yuri Vasilev as The priest
  • Jurgita Jurkute as Irina Chernisheva
  • Marat Basharov as Baron Ivan Karlovich von Liven
  • Mikolas Vildjunas as General Kornilov

3. Production


The musical score was composed by Eduard Artemyev, who has previously collaborated with Russian director Nikita Mikhalkov on numerous movies.