ⓘ District Council of Neales


ⓘ District Council of Neales

The District Council of Neales was a local government area in South Australia from 1878 to 1932. The main town and council seat was Eudunda.

Council was proclaimed on 15 August 1878 in the composition of the cadastral hundred the neales. The first meeting was held at the hotel at Eudunda, August 29. It was originally divided into four branches: Dutton, Eudunda, North and South. Taxpayers in the hundred of Brownlow in the district Council of Morgan stood for something to be included in the neales Council since the beginning of 1890-ies, and it was successful on 30 Jul 1904, when she was separated from Morgan and attached to the neales district Council its new fifth ward.

At the beginning of the business of the Council was described as "almost the whole obsession with land clearing". He originally rented the "White Iron house", owned by J. Hannon, for use as office of the Council, and in 1886 took a room at the hotel Eudunda. In 1916 the Board was purchased from century in Eudunda Unterhaltungs club, renaming it the district hall, they were based from the audience throughout their existence. It was renovated and expanded in 1925 for the sum more than $ 2.000.

In 1923, he had an area of 100 square kilometers, with a population of 1.950, including 485 taxpayers. The capital value of the property assessed in the district this year was £363.560. The revenue of the Council in 1924 were 3.100, an increase from € 1.090 in 1894.

It ceased to exist on may 12, 1932, within the wide local government associations in South Australia, it was merged with the district Council of Julia in the form of the district Council of Eudunda.

  • amalgamation of the District Council of Julia and the District Council of Neales By 1936, it had been divided up into four wards: Brownlow, Eudunda and Neales two
  • Creek in a new council for the Hundred of Neales but these met with opposition in Julia Creek, and the separate District Council of Neales would not be
  • and added to the District Council of Neales as its Brownlow Ward, while the remainder of No. 4 Ward continued as - is. The original council chamber burnt down
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