ⓘ Beaupre (surname)


ⓘ Beaupre (surname)

Beaupre is a primarily Catholic family that lives mostly in northern New England and Michigan.

Members of the Beaupre family moved to Quebec, Canada in a town now known as Beaupre. Basilica Of Sant. Anne-de-beaupré is located there. The name was probably the result of settlers taking names describing their settlements.

Gradually the Beaupre family moved to New England, in the United States. This is considered a lot for a house with an area although part of the family also moved to Biloxi, Mississippi, Minnesota, York, South Carolina, and in Wolfe island, Ontario, and Winnipeg, Canada, Chiemsee, Alaska, the Dakotas, heerlen, the Netherlands, and even in Baghdad, Iraq, during operation Iraqi freedom.

Others had moved to Michigan from Quebec in the mid 19th century.

In the Beaupre family has recently mixed with the German Kilian family, which has ancestors who lived in Germany, Poland and even Russia.

  • Beaupre or Beaupre may refer to: Beaupre surname surname found mostly in Canada, the United States and parts of England Beaupre Quebec, a ville in
  • Jean - Baptiste d Estrehan de Beaupre surname often written as Destrehan died 26 February 1765, New Orleans, Louisiana was a high - ranking French official
  • Michel Guimond 1953 2015 Canadian politician Sacha Guimond born 1991 Canadian ice hockey player Vimont disambiguation Sainte - Anne - de - Beaupre
  • in the unorganized territory of Lac - Jacques - Cartier, in the La Cote - de - Beaupre Regional County Municipality, in the administrative region of Capitale - Nationale
  • Metascouac River a water body crossed by the Metascouac River, in Lac - Jacques - Cartier, La Cote - de - Beaupre Capitale - Nationale, in Quebec, to Canada.
  • Gabriel - Florent de Choiseul - Beaupre 1718 1723 bishop of Saint - Papoul, bishop of Mende Antoine - Cleriade de Choiseul - Beaupre 1754 1774 Archbishop of
  • second - in - command. A distinguished hydrographical engineer, Beautemps - Beaupre served as the hydrographer of the expedition. When the expedition left
  • riviere aux Ecorces a tributary of the Riviere aux Ecorces, in La Cote - de - Beaupre and Lac - Saint - Jean - Est, Quebec Riviere aux Canots Est, a tributary of the
  • Correze department Roche - les - Clerval, in the Doubs department Roche - lez - Beaupre in the Doubs department Roche - Saint - Secret - Beconne in the Drome department
  • Regional County Municipality, Quebec Charlevoix crater Charlevoix Cote - de - Beaupre provincial electoral district in Quebec Charlevoix provincial electoral