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ⓘ Tweed theaterworks

TWEED Theaterworks, also known as TWEED, Tweed Ensemble, and theatretweed, is an experimental theatre company founded in 1983 known popularly for its Fractured Classicks series, spoofs of classic American plays and films that employ unique casting choices, as well as its critically acclaimed productions featuring drag icon Lypsinka.

Mission tweed Theaterworks is defined as:

Tweed unearths raw, yet sophisticated, socially significant artists and material and accompanies them on the threshold of tolerated, and often goes to throw an irreverent mirror on contemporary culture.

Tweed is headed by artistic Director Kevin Malony with the founding of the company in 1983. Was originally conceived as a platform for participants to present adaptations of literature and agent showcase, the tweed and Malony quickly became part of the thriving early art movement of the 80-ies in the East village of Manhattan. New festival tweed construction 1985-1995 includes early work many of todays recognized theater artists, including bill Russell, Lisa Kron, John Epperson and Lypsinka, John Kelly.

Dancer and choreographer John omalley put the pieces on tweed, such as "hotel Martinique" and "atomic Opera".

Review of the tweed fractured Classick "the Postman always comes twice" in 2002, Neil Genzlinger of the new York times called it "obscene parodies" the Postman always rings twice 1946. From Varla Jean leading performance Mermans as "Nora papadopolous," Genzlinger wrote: "see attached definitely, including the legs." Genzlinger described the show as "hilarious. its just, if indescribable, a little play".

  • Lip - Synching, both of which were originally produced in New York by TWEED TheaterWorks However, both those named shows were first produced by Epperson in