ⓘ Peninsula Transportation District Commission


ⓘ Peninsula Transportation District Commission

PENTRAN, was formerly the public transit service that covered the cities of Hampton, Virginia and Newport News, Virginia from 1975 to 1999, both located within the Hampton Roads metropolitan area, on the Virginia Peninsula.

In January 1974, the Newport news city Council discussed the entry of public transport authorities from the Hamptons, so they can acquire the private property of the citizens rapid transit CRT and run the Bus operation for the city. During the month in Newport news and HAMPTON city voted to form the Peninsula transportation District Commission of the detention center, also known as PENTRAN.

In jail I bought a CRT, and in April 1975, a new public bus company, PENTRAN, provides services in Hampton and Newport news.

PENTRAN merged with Tidewater regional transit in 1999 to form HAMPTON roads transit.

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