ⓘ National Women's Liberation Conference


ⓘ National Womens Liberation Conference

The National Womens Liberation Conference was a United Kingdom initiative organised to bring together activists in the Womens Liberation Movement with an aim to developing a shared political outlook. Ten UK conferences took place between 1970 and 1978. There was a Welsh conference in 1974 and a Scottish conference in 1977. During these conferences the seven demands of the UK Women Liberation Movement were formulated:

  • Equal educational and job opportunities.
  • Free contraception and abortion on demand.
  • The right to a self-defined sexuality. An end to discrimination against lesbians.
  • Legal and financial independence for all women.
  • Freedom for all women from intimidation by the threat or use of violence or sexual coercion regardless of marital status, and an end to the laws, assumptions and institutions which perpetuate male dominance and aggression to women.
  • Free 24-hour nurseries. (Бесплатный 24-часовой питомники)
  • Equal pay. (Равную оплату)
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