ⓘ 116 (number)


ⓘ 116 (number)

116 is a noncototient, meaning that there is no solution to the equation m − φ m = n, where φ stands for Eulers totient function.

116! + 1 is a factorial prime.

There are 116 ternary Lyndon words of length six, and 116 irreducible polynomials of degree six over a three-element field, which form the basis of a free Lie algebra of dimension 116.

There are 116 different ways of partitioning the numbers from 1 through 5 into subsets in such a way that, for every k, the union of the first k subsets is a consecutive sequence of integers.

There are 116 different 6×6 Costas arrays.


1. In other fields

One hundred sixteen is also:

  • The atomic number of livermorium
  • The number of pages in the Lost 116 pages, the original manuscript of what Joseph Smith said was the translation of the Book of Lehi, of the Golden plates revealed to him in 1827
  • The record for number of wins in a single season of Major League Baseball achieved by the Chicago Cubs in 1906 and the Seattle Mariners in 2001.
  • The number of years that the Hundred Years War between France and England, from 1337 to 1453, actually lasted
  • The fire emergency telephone number in Peru
  • The prefix for several EU-wide telephone helplines designated as harmonised service of social value