ⓘ List of county roads in Stearns County, Minnesota


ⓘ List of county roads in Stearns County, Minnesota

Stearns County, Minnesota has many county roads, some of which are county state aid-highways. The following is an incomplete list of county roads in Stearns County, Minnesota.


1. CR 1–CR 25

County Road 1 is a road that runs along the west side of the Mississippi River. It begins at Benton County Road 3, on a bridge over the Mississippi River connecting Sauk Rapids and St. Cloud. It then continues northward through St. Cloud, Sartell, and several other cities before reaching its northern terminus where it continues into Morrison County as Morrison County Road 21. It is 17.337 miles long.

County Road 2 is a major route in Stearns County. It begins at Meeker County Road 2 at the Meeker County line. It goes through Cold Spring, St. Joseph, and St. Stephan. and then continues across the Mississippi River into Benton County as Benton County Road 2. It is 34.534 miles long.

County Road 3 is a route that begins near St. Joseph at the western end of the County Road 75 and County Road 2 concurrency. The route continues northward into Morrison County as Morrison County Road 24. It is 18.322 miles long.

County Road 7 is a route that begins at the border between Saint Cloud and Saint Augusta at County Road 75. It runs south into Wright County, where it turns into Wright County Road 2. It is 13.03 miles long.

County Road 9 begins at MN 238 in Krain Township, at the border between Stearns County and Morrison County. The route goes south to Eden Valley, where it ends at MN 22. It is 38.843 miles long.

County Road 17 is a route in northern Stearns County that runs from County 1 near Rice to the Todd County line, where it continues as Todd County Road 11. It is 38.436 miles long.


2. CR 75–CR 100

County Road 75 is a major road that goes through St. Joseph, St. Cloud, and St. Augusta. Its western terminus is at an interchange with I-94 and US-52. It runs east into Saint Cloud, and runs into St. Augusta passing another interchange with I-94 / US-52. It then splits from County Road 7 it has a third interchange with I-94 / US-52 as Oppertunity Drive, and continues towards Clearwater. Just short of Clearwater, County Road 75 enters Wright County as Wright County Road 75. It is 21.44 miles long.


3. CR 101 and up

County Road 159 non-CSAH begins at County Road 50 on the south side of I-94 and US-52. It proceeds east to an interchange and turns to the south and goes through Collegeville. The route then continues south to County Road 51.

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