ⓘ List of Farm to Market Roads in Texas (3500–9999)


ⓘ List of Farm to Market Roads in Texas (3500–9999)

Farm to Market Road 3500 was a designation applied to a highway in El Paso County. There is no highway currently using the FM 3500 designation.

FM 3500 was designated on April 26, 1989 from FM 1905 in Anthony south and east to IH-10. FM 3500 was cancelled on October 29, 1998, as the route was changed, and the name was changed to Spur 6.


1. FM 3501

Farm to Market Road 3501 is located in Leon County. It runs from FM 39 near Jewett west to FM 1512.

FM 3501 was designated on February 27, 1989 on the current route.


2. FM 3502

Farm to Market Road 3502 is located in Bexar County. It runs from FM 1516 northeast to FM 78.

FM 3502 was designated on December 30, 1988 from FM 78 northeast of Converse southwest to FM 1516 as a replacement of a spur of FM 1976. On June 30, 1995 the entire route was transferred to UR 3502, but was changed back to FM 3502 on November 15, 2018.


3. FM 3503

Farm to Market Road 3503 is located in Ector and Midland counties. It runs from IH 20 at Grandview Avenue in Odessa south and east to FM 1788 south of Midland.

FM 3503 was designated on April 26, 1989 on the current route.


4. FM 3504

Farm to Market Road 3504 FM 3504 was a Farm to Market Road located entirely within the city of Lewisville, in Denton County, Texas. Starting on June 27, 1995, the highway was internally designated by the Texas Department of Transportation TxDOT as Urban Road 3504 UR 3504.

FM 3504 began at an intersection with Business State Highway 121-H Bus. SH 121-H, the former routing of SH 121 through Lewisville, just north of the Interstate 35E I-35E freeway. The short route traveled north along Mill Street a four-lane undivided highway for all but a small stretch near the southern terminus, past a variety of older businesses and a school, before state maintenance ended just north of Main Street at an intersection with Church Street. Mill Street continued north under local jurisdiction toward Lewisville Lake.

FM 3504 was originally a spur route of FM 1171 designated in 1971; the mileage was transferred to the current route number on May 30, 1990. FM 1171 currently ends at I-35E, but historically continued along Main and Church Streets a pair of one-way streets through eastern Lewisville to SH 121 now the business route. That section of FM 1171 was removed from the state highway system in 2003, leaving FM 3504 with a northern terminus that no longer connected to the state highway system.

On June 27, 1995, the designation of the route was internally changed to UR 3504; as with other urban roads, TxDOT continued to sign the route using the Farm Road marker. On June 28, 2012, the roadway was removed from the state highway system; however, FM 3504 is still signed.

Major intersections The entire route was in Lewisville, Denton County.


5. FM 3505

Farm to Market Road 3505 is located in Hopkins County. It runs from FM 71, about 14 miles from Sulphur Springs, north to Cooper Lake State Park.

FM 3505 was designated on August 29, 1989 on the current route.


6. FM 3506

Farm to Market Road 3506, or FM 3506, runs about 4.2 miles 6.8 km from Coffee City, Texas west, then northwest, to an intersection at FM 315. This road replaced the local presence of 2 narrow county roads. The addition of the FM 3506 intersection along FM 315 changed the arrangement and flow of FM 315 in the immediate area. Where once FM 315 gracefully curved toward the Lake Palestine areas west side, construction of FM 3506 created a new "T"-shaped intersection where those on FM 315 north must turn left to continue north, while southbound FM 315 traffic must turn right to continue south.

FM 3506 has no local street names. Semi-rural for the most part, the landscape along the road includes tree-lined rolling hills to the west and mostly views of lakeside homes to the east. The west shore of Lake Palestine can be seen at times to the east of the road.

Even though the road was commissioned by Minute Order on August 29, 1989, it wasnt until 2004 that construction started on FM 3506. By October 2006, FM 3506 was finished and opened to traffic. The road serves the town of Coffee City as well as the west shore of Lake Palestine, all in the eastern part of Henderson County. FM 3506 has since served as an important connection between Chandler and Brownsboro to the north, and Coffee City, Berryville, and Frankston to the south.

Major intersections The entire route is in Coffee City, Henderson County.


7. FM 3507

Farm to Market Road 3507 was a designation applied to a highway in Brazoria County. There is no highway currently using the FM 3507 designation.

FM 3507 was designated on August 29, 1989 from SH 288 northwest of Angleton south and west 2.6 miles to FM 521. By district request, FM 3507 was cancelled on September 29, 1992 and transferred to FM 523.


8. FM 3509

Farm to Market Road 3509 is located in Burnet County. It runs from County Road 116 near Inks Lake State Park east to SH 29.

FM 3509 was designated on August 29, 1989 on the current route.


9. FM 3511

Farm to Market Road 3511 was a designation proposed for a highway in Bee County. There is no highway currently using the FM 3511 designation.

FM 3511 was designated on August 29, 1989 from FM 1349 southwest of Beeville southeast 2.6 miles vis Central Avenue to FM 888. FM 3511 was cancelled on November 29, 1990 by request of Bee County officials.


10. FM 3518

Farm to Market Road 3518 was a designation applied to a highway in Brazos County. There is no highway currently using the FM 3518 designation.

FM 3518 was designated on December 14, 1989 from FM 60 in Bryan/College Station north to FM 1179. By district request, FM 3518 was cancelled on February 1, 1991 and transferred to FM 2154. However, the minute order designating was repealed, as neither the city of Bryan nor College Station accepted the provisions of the minute order designating FM 3518, meaning the extension of FM 2154 was cancelled.


11. FM 3523

Farm to Market Road 3523 or FM 3523 is located entirely in Lubbock County.

FM 3523 begins at an intersection with FM 835/FM 1729 east of Lubbock. The highway runs east, passing just north of Ransom Canyon and Buffalo Springs Lake. FM 3523 leaves the Ransom Canyon area and ends at an intersection with FM 400 southeast of Roosevelt.

FM 3523 was designated on June 21, 1990 along its current route when a section of County Road 6900 was upgraded.

Junction list

The entire route is in Lubbock County.


12. FM 3527

Farm to Market Road 3527 FM 3527 is located in Texarkana. The highway is known locally as Leopard Drive.

FM 3527 begins at an intersection with FM 989 just outside of the Texarkana city limits. The highway briefly travels in an east direction before turning north at Stipp Road. The highway enters into Texarkana just south of a junction with Loop 151. FM 3527 travels through a rural area of the citys southwest side before ending at an intersection with SH 93.

FM 3527 was designated on March 26, 1991 along the current route. The entire highway was internally re-designated as Urban Road 3527 by TxDOT on June 27, 1995, but was changed back to FM 3527 on November 15, 2018.

Junction list

The entire route is in Bowie County.


13. FM 3535

Farm to Market Road 3535 was a designation applied to a highway in Camp County. No highway currently uses the FM 3535 designation.

FM 3535 was designated on June 24, 1999 from US 271, 1 mile south of the Titus/Camp County line, southwest 2.2 miles to FM 1520. On December 17, 2015 FM 3535 was redesignated Loop 255 by a TXDOT minute order. Signage was not changed until 2018-2019.


14. FM 3537

Farm to Market Road 3537 FM 3537 is a farm to market road in Collin County, Texas, that is entirely within the city of Frisco. It is a redesignated remnant of what used to be FM 720. FM 3537 is a suburban road that begins at SH 289 Preston Road in the center of Frisco. It travels eastward to its terminus at FM 2478 Custer Road on the border between Frisco and McKinney. The road is entirely contained within Frisco and is designated as "Main Street."

FM 3537 was originally part of FM 720, which was designated in Collin County on October 17, 1947. FM 720 replaced an old alignment of SH 24 between SH 289 and US 75, connecting Frisco and McKinney. On September 9, 1955, FM 720 was extended westward through downtown Frisco and into Denton County, to the new alignment of SH 24 which would become US 380 in 1977, replacing FM 388 and portions of FM 423. FM 720 was truncated on August 30, 2001, when the portion from FM 2478 to US 75 was removed from the state highway system. FM 720 was truncated further on January 31, 2002, when the portion from FM 423 to SH 289 was removed from the state highway system, and tlhe segment of FM 720 in east Frisco between SH 289 and FM 2478 was retained on the system and redesignated as FM 3537.

Major intersections The entire route is in Frisco, Collin County.


15. FM 3539

Farm to Market Road 3539 was a proposed designation for the new road from SH 20 to the Mexico border. When FM 3539 was opened, FM 1109 would be cancelled. On May 27, 2010, FM 1109 was cancelled for real. FM 3380 was extended southwest over the road on February 23, 2012, as FM 3380s proposed routing was modified. TXDOT does not have a designation file for FM 3539.


16. FM 3540

Farm to Market Road 3540, or FM 3540, in eastern Texas, is a road designation that will run about 2.1 miles 3.4 km from an intersection with SH 135 in Tecula, east to the vicinity of a future lake, Lake Columbia. There are no local street names along the path of the future road. Rural for all its length, the landscape along the road includes rolling hills of alternating open pastures and trees. The entire road has two lanes and no shoulders. All of FM 3540 will be in north-northeast Cherokee County.

The Minute Order for this future road was commissioned on July 28, 2005, the path of which will follow the southern end of the current FM 2064. It is unclear as to when FM 2064 was completed. The road will serve no towns other than a small community, Tecula, at its western terminus. The road will connect the rural area to SH 135, which leads southwest to Jacksonville) and northeast to Troup; there will be only intersections with local county roads from FM 3540 otherwise.

Plans have been in the works for many years for Lake Columbia to be built along Mud Creek, which FM 2064 crosses. In advance of construction, a new Minute Order was commissioned in 2005, to reduce the mileage of FM 2064 to 5.6 miles 9.0 km. This change will affect the road by splitting it in two, and its intersection at the current southern terminus at SH 135 in Tecula, will not connect to the shortened FM 2064 afterward. Therefore, the future installation of the separate FM 3540. Construction on the lake has not yet commenced, so signage and length of FM 2064 has not yet changed to reflect the 2005 Order for FM 3540.

Major intersections The entire route is in Cherokee County.


17. FM 3541

Farm to Market Road 3541 FM 3541 is a short farm to market road entirely within Culberson County in West Texas. The southern terminus of FM 3541 is at Rustler Springs Road in unincorporated Culberson County. The route travels north for approximately 6.2 miles before ending at RM 652.

The current FM 3541 was added to the state highway system as a part of FM 2185 in 1968. In 1991, the central portion of FM 2185 was returned to county maintenance, leaving a gap in FM 2185. At the request of the district, on January 26, 2006, this northern stretch of FM 2185 was renumbered FM 3541.

Major intersections The entire route is in Culberson County.


18. FM 4000

Farm to Market Road 4000 FM 4000 is a 4.8 miles 7.7 km highway that is located near Mount Pleasant.

FM 4000 begins at a junction with US 271 in southern Mount Pleasant. The highway runs in a northeast direction and turns east near Bus. US 271 Jefferson Avenue. FM 4000 intersects Bus. US 271 near a retail center in the southern part of the city and passes by a subdivision before leaving the city. The highway travels in a mostly eastern direction and ends at an intersection with FM 1735. The section of FM 4000 between US 271 and Jefferson Avenue is locally known as Marvin Priefert Highway, while the section between Jefferson Avenue and the Mount Pleasant city limits is known as Jerry Boatner Parkway.

FM 4000 was designated on March 28, 2013 along the current route.

Junction list

The entire route is in Titus County.


19. FM 7550

Farm to Market Road 7550 was a designation applied to a highway in Starr County. No highway currently uses the FM 7550 designation.

FM 7550 was designated on May 27, 2010 from FM 755 northeast of Rio Grande City south 1.9 miles to US 83, 0.6 mile east of Pete Diaz Boulevard. FM 7550 was cancelled six months later and replaced with FM 755 when it was rerouted; the old route of FM 755 was returned to the city and county.

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