ⓘ Cultural policy research


ⓘ Cultural policy research

Cultural Policy Research is a field of academic inquiry that grew out of Cultural Studies in the 1990s. A quarter of a century later, by now both" Cultural Policy Research” and "Cultural Policy Studies" each match almost 100 million entries in the World Wide Web.

Cultural Policy Research grew out of the idea that cultural studies should not only be critical, but also try to be useful. The Princeton University e.g. founded its Center for Arts and Cultural Policy Studies 1994" to improve the clarity, accuracy and sophistication of discourse about the nations artistic and cultural life.”

The scientific approach is genuinely interdisciplinary, combining social sciences, a wide range of the humanities, jurisprudence and economics. As all political sciences do, the research focuses on the content dimension policy, the formal-institutional dimension polity and the practical dimension politics, particularly affecting decision processes and the results obtained. Cultural Policy Research asks: What do the actors and agents in the Cultural Policy sphere actually do when they do what they do? Which purposes they do pursue by that? What are their goals and which means do they use? What is the result of their action for society and for the citizens’ intellectual and artistic freedom?

Among the many departments of Cultural Policy Studies around the world, there are several UNESCO Chairs in Cultural Policy from the programme launched in 1992 by the UNESCO to promote international inter-university cooperation:

  • 454 Lome, Togo: Chaire UNESCO sur les politiques culturelles pour le developpement 1999, Centre regional daction culturelle CRAC
  • 527 Girona, Spain / Catalunya: Chaire UNESCO en matiere de Politiques et de Cooperation Culturelles 2001, Universitat de Girona
  • 978 Hildesheim, Germany: UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy for the Arts in Development 2012, The University of Hildesheim.
  • 546 Barcelona, Spain / Catalunya: Chaire UNESCO detudes interculturelles 2001, Universite Pompeu Febra de Barcelone
  • 654 Thessaloniki, Greece: Chaire UNESCO de politique interculturelle pour une citoyennete active et solidaire 2004, Universite de Macedoine
  • 572 Barcelona, Spain / Catalunya: Chaire UNESCO de Diversite linguistique et culturelle 2002, Institut d’Etudes catalanes
  • 436 Debrecen, Hungary: UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy and Cultural Management 1999, Lajos Kossuth University of Arts and Sciences, Debrecen
  • 412 Vilnius, Lithuania:UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy and Cultural Management 1998, Vilnius Academy of Arts
  • 827 Kazan, Russia-Tatarstan: UNESCO Chair in Eurosian studies, Cultural Diversity and Cultural Policies 2008, Kazan State University
  • 851 Buenos Aires, Argentine: Chaire UNESCO d’esthetique et sociologie de la difference et de la diversite culturelle en Argentine 2009, Universidad Nacional Tres de Febrero

1. Links

  • Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe edited by the Council of Europe Strasbourg

The European Journal of Cultural Policy 1994 - 1997, now named International Journal of Cultural Policy 1997 - current edited by the Centre for Cultural Policy Studies University of Warwick.