ⓘ District Council of Wirrega


ⓘ District Council of Wirrega

The District Council of Wirrega was a short-lived local government area in South Australia in existence from 1884 to 1888.

The introduction of local government in the area of Mallee in the 1870-ies were the subject of considerable local conflict among residents of the hundreds of Tatiara and Wirrega, which was described in 1880 as "at the present time.the only agricultural settlements in the South Australian mallee". Some residents of the two hundred Wirrega and hundreds of Tatiara asked for a private Zemstvo in 1875, while others protested against the establishment of the Council, that the area was "too small and scattered". Another local group, among them local MP Friedrich Krichauff, argued that a single district Council should be created to cover the two hundred, as they were too small to support their own and most of the municipality will be cheaper. Supporters of the joint Council was successful and the district Council of Tatiara was established in 1876.

In 1884, there was a new impetus for individual Wirrega Council, with residents, referring to the state of local roads and the application of laws to the destruction of evil among the reasons for wanting to secede. In contrast 1875, a renewed push was successful and the district Council of Wirrega was proclaimed on 31 July 1884. The boundaries of the new municipal education were expressed to include "all the hundred Wirrega, bounded as follows, starting from the North-West corner of the hundred Tatiara, thence West for the production of the Northern boundary of said hundred for 16 miles 1.655 one, however, from there South to the Northern boundary of County MacDonnell ranges, thence to the East along this border to the South-West corner of the hundred Tatiara and North along the Western boundary of the said hundred to the point of beginning." The website for the Board in between mundulla was proclaimed in 1885, and opened the Wirrega Council chambers on June 1, 1886.

A separate municipality Wirrega was short-lived. In 1887, local government in South Australia underwent a major consolidation, which was the district councils act 1887. The district Council of Wirrega was drained back to the district Council of Tatiara, which has also undergone further expansion into the surrounding land. Two local MPs, Andrew handiside all Dods and beaumont Arnold Moulden, opposed the merger, and assuming that the areas surrounding parishes to be combined in Wirrega, and that the recent improvements in the area will be lost if "the district will lose our individuality." Moulden and Handyside was unsuccessful, and Wirrega became part of the district Council of Tatiara, when the law was published on 5 January 1888. The former municipality was between mundulla and the Buckingham chamber of the Council of Tatiara.

The former Council was used by the Tatiara district Council from 1888 until 1904, when the municipality built a new camera in Bordertown. After the Council moved to Bordertown, the building was used for many years tennis club between mundulla. It was restored in 1973 and now houses historical local photographs. Was held in the building in 1986, the solemn meeting of the Council, and he was brought to the South Australia heritage register on 21 October 1993.

In 1916, a number of advisers Tatiara the proposed office Wirrega to form a new district Council of Wirrega, consisting of hundreds of Wirrega, Parsons and Flowmo. They argued that a large Board was unwieldy and the road grants were not properly distributed among the pupils, and presented the petition of the taxpayers to support. While the Commissioner of crown lands at the time said that he would give the request "favorable consideration", it has not been recreated.

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